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There are some objects that are not defined or do not make sense apart from their parent object. These we refer to as subresources. Examples are PersonNames, PersonAddresses, ConceptNames, etc. You can act on subresources under the parent url:.

Code Block
titleAdding a person name
POST /ws/rest/v1/person/uuidofperson/name
Body content:
{"givenName": "John", "familyName": "Smith"}


A subresource can have only one parent. If it seems like an object has two or more parents, then it is most likely a top-level resource. E.g. "encounters" should not be a subresource of "patient" + and "location" (answering questions of both "all encounters of a patient" and "all encounters at a location"). Instead, these should be queries on the encounter resource: /ws/rest/v1/encounter?patient=349234-2349234 and /ws/rest/v1/encounter?location=3423482-34923-23


Fetching locations requires you to authenticate the user first. If it is a required to display all locations prior to login or without authentication you can do it by using GET .../openmrs/ws/rest/v1/location?tag=Login%LocationLogin%20Location

Changing your password

Since version 2.17 of the module: