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titleLocation-based access to visits
  "name": "datafilter_locationBasedVisitFilter",
  "targetClass": "org.openmrs.Visit",
  "condition": "patient_id IN (SELECT DISTINCT pa.person_id FROM person_attribute pa WHERE pa.person_attribute_type_id = :attributeTypeId AND pa.value IN (:basisIds) AND pa.voided = 0)",

This reads "selects only patients that have a specific person attribute whose value is either of the bases", where those bases are the locations that the user has access to.

Another question remains: how does Data Filter know which person attribute type is used to link patients to their location?


There are a couple of end-to-end tests in place showing the module's mechanics, see for instance PatientFilterTest .


We envision adding filtering of other patient clinical data like orders, encounter diagnoses, appointments, ...etc.

We also envision a scenario where another module can leverage this module's functionality to limit access by some other criteria e.g. role-based access.

With that said, we hope to strip the location-based and program-based functionality out of this module leaving it as a very thin lightweight and reusable module purely for data filtering. The location-based access filtering should be moved to the existing Location based access module for instance.

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To guarantee proper functionality of OpenMRS, it's highly recommended to install the module by stopping OpenMRS, drop the .omod file in the module repository and start OpenMRS again, this also applies to uninstall it, you need to stop OpenMRS, remove the .omod from the local module repository and start OpenMRS.



"parameters": [
      "name": "attributeTypeId",
      "type": "integer"
      "name": "basisIds",
      "type": "string"