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Global Results

  • Breadcrumbs work, after people know how use them
  • Not everyone knows how to use breadcrumbs at the start.
  • People like having everything on one page as a summary.

Results of tests Greg-1, Greg-2, Greg-3

  • Some people intuitively know how breadcrumbs work. Other's don't. 
  • People like the greyscale color design as opposed to the previous versions using blue.

Results of tests: AMPATH-1

  • User likes having everything on one page
  • It is not intuitive to user that they can use the breadcrumbs to go back on page.
  • User can navigate the breadcrumbs easily after learning how to use them
  • User uses the RIGHT ARROW to identify things are are clickable with further data
  • User believes everything in bold may be clickable.
  • Would like
    • field for multiple telephone numbers
    • place for free text comments on the patient's address / location.



For now, please video record with mobile phone/tablet/desktop of the user's hand interacting with the file during this usability test. (i.e. so we can see what they are clicking on). Then upload file to Google Drive for Design team review.