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(See an in-depth description of a proposed workflow for using OCL to manage Bahmni concepts, and the MVP set of workflows. I suggest clicking these links and peeking at the diagrams, but not trying to read the whole posts at this point.)

This project is about:

  • building Building a new UI from scratch called “OCL for OpenMRS”

  • It will be “official” and hosted on OCL servers

  • It will be built in a future-looking JS-based technology, and use the OCL REST API

  • It would specifically (and only) target the use case of managing OpenMRS dictionaries, so it will be less powerful but easier to use than the traditional OCL UI


Note that in OCL, adding a concept and its mappings is independent, but in our application we will hide that from the user: when you add/remove a concept in the Dictionary, all its mappings of that concept are added/removed too. (Need to clarify exactly what “its mappings” means.)

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