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Table of Contents

Introduction & Context

One of OpenMRS’ strengths is its concept-based data model that allows each implementation to be configured in a suitable way for its own clinical scenario. (Learn more at the Concept Dictionary Basics OpenMRS wiki page.)


Once this project is complete, a typical new OpenMRS implementation would no longer manage concepts via the OpenMRS UI at all. Instead your OpenMRS server would use the Open Concept Lab module to subscribe to a dictionary that you only manage on the cloud through this new application.

What is the Traditional OCL today?

Open Concept Lab runs at


In this project we will probably make small changes to the OCL back end, but we will not touch the front end (except that we will include some links in our UI to take people to “traditional OCL”).[Done]

What is the "OCL for OpenMRS" MVP today?

"OCL for OpenMRS" runs at


The "OCL for OpenMRS" frontend ( is a mix of React and Redux.

What is a “Dictionary” and how does this compare to OCL’s existing domain model?

We are trying to simplify things as much as possible for an entry-level OpenMRS user who just wants to manage a dictionary, and doesn’t really know anything about concept management, or OCL.


Note that in OCL, adding a concept and its mappings is independent, but in our application we will hide that from the user: when you add/remove a concept in the Dictionary, all its mappings are added/removed too. (Need to clarify exactly what “its mappings” means.)

Relationships between Concepts

In OpenMRS there are strong relationships between concept (Question/Answer, and Set/Set Member), whereas in the OCL API these are treated as mappings, which are weaker.

In our new UI we should treat these as stronger relationships. Specifically, if I add the “What is your favorite color” question to my dictionary, it should automatically also add the answers “blue” and “green”.

Starting From an Existing Dictionary

When you create a new dictionary by copying an existing one, this should: