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What is important is to make sure all the entities you wish to synchronize are configured in the AtomFeed confguration so:

Only the entities that have property "enabled" set to true will be published as Atomfeed feeds.
In Atomfeed you can also configure Catchment Strategies which enable synchronizing objects with specified geographical data.
It is also needed to configure some global properties settings:

"sync2.event.handler" needs to be set to "atomfeed", "sync2.local.user.login" and "sync2.local.user.password" are used to set login and password to local Sync OpenMRS instance,


OpenMRS Sync 2.0 synchronization also allows to solve conflicts that may occur during multiple changes on many instances.
Depending on the setting of "sync2.mergeBehaviour" global property settings, conflicts can be solved in two ways: