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After the test sample is successfully added, the list on the Manage Test Sample page is updated and the newly entered sample is set to COLLECTED status. Sample status is an enum with four possibilities i.e. COLLECTED, ACCEPTED, REJECTED, PROCESSED. Please note that there is an option to reject sample as well in case if sample is contaminated or expired. REJECTED samples are not acceptable for conducting tests, therefore in case of a rejected sample, a new sample has to be submitted. Results can be entered only after sample status is changed to ACCEPTED, and after successful submission of test results. sample status changes to PROCESSED status.

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titleVoiding Data
  • If a Lab Test Type is deleted, its referred data like Lab Test Orders and Attribute Types are linked to UNKNOWN Test Type.
  • If a Lab Test Type is deleted (purged), its referred data like Lab Test Orders are also deleted (purged). It can be done by calling method deleteLabTestType(LabTestType labTestType, boolean cascade) and passing cascade as TRUE.
  • If a Lab Test Attribute Type is deleted (purged), all attributes that were saved against this Attribute Type are also purged.
  • If a Lab Test is voided, its subsequent linked data like Test Samples and Test Results (attributes) are also voided.
  • If a Lab Result is voided completely (all attributes), then the sample linked to this result is changed back from PROCESSED to COLLECTED status again.



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This module was developed by Unknown User (owais.hussain) Unknown User (tahira) Unknown User (ahmed14) and Shujaat  and  Shujaat Ali from Interactive Health Solutions.