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  1. Lab Test Type: Attribute Types are created against Lab Tests therefore, this field refers to the test type to which the new attribute type belongs. 
  2. Name: holds the name assigned to the Attribute type.
  3. Description: Any additional information/description is filled in this field.
  4. Multiset Name: If the question asked in the test can have multiple answers, then for each answer an attribute type is created. But all of these answer Attribute Types should have same Multiset Name. Please see the example below. 


  5. Group Name: Group name refers to group of questions listed under a single heading. Like in above example, Kanamycin contains a group of questions (Wild Type Band Failed and Mutation Band Developed). Therefore, they are listed under single heading Kanamycin.
  6. Min Occurs: refers to the minimum occurrence of an attribute type in a test result.
  7. Max Occurs: refers to the maximum occurrence of an attribute type in a test result.
  8. Sort Weight: It refers to the sequence number in which attribute types (question) will appear in test result form.
  9. Data Type: It refers to the datatype assigned to attribute type. These are the supported data types: Boolean, Long Free Text, Float, Concept, Regex Validated Text, Free Text, Date. Concept datatype is assigned to attribute types that are closed ended questions for example, question for confirmation of cough has Yes, No, Unknown, Refused options as answers. Therefore, such attribute type will be created with Datatype Concept.
  10. Date Type Configuration:
  11. Hint:
  12. Preferred Handler:
  13. Handler Configuration:Datatype Configuration: In case of an attribute type with Concept datatype, concept ID should be mentioned in the datatype configuration field. In case of Text, Regex Validated Text, Float values, DataType configuration can be used to mention Length or Regex or Range. Please see example below.  
  14. Hint: It is used to mentioned any additional info. For example, if only numeric value is allowed in float datatype then hint can be filled as "Numeric value with max length 2". It will appear with the question on the Test Result form.
  15. Preferred Handler: Should be kept as Default.
  16. Handler Configuration: Should be left as blank.


On installing the module, there is a new tab Lab Tests created on patient dashboard. In Lab Tests tab, there are two options available (Add Test OrderAdd Test Request).