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Add Global Property

  1. Creating a new lab order requires a global property. To create a new global property for lab order entry for example orderentryowa.labOrderablesConceptSet, go to System Administration → Manage Global Properties  Click on add new global property fill the form with the following details, The name of the property should be orderentryowa.labOrderablesConceptSet and the value should be da006137-88ca-4d11-ae58-8b4b439afdd6.
  2. Save the global property. See video above to see how to set global properties

Import Lab Orderables file as metadata in standalone

  1. Download the lab orderables file which can be found here
  2. Go to System Administration → Advanced Administration → MetaData Sharing → Import MetaData. Import the lab orderables package and wait for it to be installed. See Video below:


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Update Rest Web Services OMOD

  1. Download the Rest Web Services OMOD from here
  2. Go to System Administration → Advanced Administration → Manage Modules. Click on upgrade modules and upload the downloaded restwebservices omod and wait for installation. 

Add Date and Time Format (Optional)

  1. Configure the time and date format to be used by the application. Go to System Administration → Manage Global Properties → Add  New Global Property and create a global property called orderentryowa.dateAndTimeFormat with DD-MM-YYYY HH:mm or any other valid date/time format as the value.

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    NB: This step is optional. If the orderentryowa.dateAndTimeFormat is not configured, the application would use a default DD-MM-YYYY HH:mm representation.