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Notice that while pregnancy begins with conception and ends with birth, those events are not considered states of the workflow. The states are answers to the question posed by the workflow name. A possible answer here could be, "the patient is in the First Trimester."


To set up a program:

  • Set up your program as a concept (see administering concepts for details)
  • Click "Manage programs" in the administration menu
  • Click "Add a new program"
  • Click "Select", search for your program concept and click on it
  • Click "Save"


Once you have set up programs, workflows and states, a patient can be enrolled in programs and moved between states in workflows in the program, from the patient dashboard.


  • What privilege is required to add patients to a program?
    Create a privilege called Manage Patient Programs and add this to a role. Any users with this role can add or edit patient program statuses.