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4) setup barcode printer.  In Rinkwavu, we're using the Zebra TLP2844 (NOT the LP2844, and NOT the TLP2844-z), with ELP2 support.

    Plug the printer into USB port
    //At the command line execute, "sudo chmod a+w /dev/usb/lp0" so all users are given permission to write to the printer
    Create a threetwo-line file  
    sudo /bin/chmod 777 /dev/usb/lp0
    cat $1 > /dev/usb/lp0

    When Netscape asks which program to open barCode.epl with, pick

    Modify sudoers:

    root ALL = (ALL) ALL
    user ALL=NOPASSWD: /bin/chmod, /usr/sbin/gdmsetup     In order for this to work, you must add the linux user to the lp group.

     Finally, in the current builds of Firefox, the 'remember my selection and do this from now on' checkbox that SHOULD remember that you want to open the .epl file with doesn't currently work.  The firefox plugin Web Page Fixer can be used to fix this.  This plug-in is available here:

5) configure scanner for pdf417, and code128