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  1. Download the module from the repository and install it.
  2. Go through global properties and save all registration properties, in particular registration.rwandaLocationCode and registration.primaryIdentifierType -- the rwandaLocationCode is expected to be three digits.
  3. Then for IDs, first make sure all idgen tables are empty, if migrating from a test database.
  4. Create Primary Care ID Type – choose Rwandan validator.
  5. Go over to idgen module, choose Primary Care Type, and Local Identifier Generator
  6. Here's the base character set: 0123456789ACEFHJKMNPUWXY, First identifier base is: 00001, and the length is 10
  7. Click 'view', and test by exporting a couple of identifiers;
  8. Check the relationship type (global property registration.parentChildRelationshipTypeId). If empty select it in the database.
  9. Maybe you need to add global property concept.temperature
  10. Maybe you need to add two privileges to the default user role – Manage Identifier Sources, and Generate Batch of Identifiers
  11. Generate name phonetics/set their global properties