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OpenMRS Projects

There have and continue to be many OpenMRS-related projects.  Some of the projects are documented on this wiki.  OpenMRS has participated in Google Summer of Code for several years, we have hosted OpenMRS Internship projects, and we have many implementations and organizations continually working on various aspects of the system or integrating OpenMRS with other systems.


Projects that have been completed (or abandoned) may be moved to this section.


Archived Projects

Projects that were described and may have been worked on, but nobody is actively working on them now.

Best Practices

Identify Team Members

It is important to identify everyone working on the project.

Define Roles and Responsibilities

Once the team members have been identified, they can be assigned roles on the project.  On OpenMRS projects, team members may fill multiple roles.  T

he roles assigned may include:

  • Project Stakeholders

  • Subject Matter (domain) Experts

  • Project Manager

  • Business Analyst

  • Software Developer

  • Software Tester

Hold a kickoff meeting

If possible, it is effective to have everyone on one call to discuss the previously defined roles and responsibilities, project vision and to get everyone’s opinion on scope and schedule.

Define Scope/Schedule

It is important to define the following:

  • Business need: What problem is being solved?

  • Project Objectives:  How is it being solved?

  • Scope: What is being delivered?

  • Key Milestones:  How to measure progress?

  • Schedule: What timeline is expected?

Communication Strategy

The above items should be documented in a plan with the following:

  • How/what tools should be used to provide updates?

  • What information to be provided in updates

  • How often should updates be given?

  • How often should meetings be held?

Project Plan

The above items should be documented in a plan with the following:

  • Scope

  • Targeted Schedule

  • Roles/Responsibilities

  • Communication Strategy

Posting projects to Talk

Answering these questions while announcing the start of a project will help communicate its needs and goals:

  • What is the project?

  • What problems is this project trying to solve?

  • Who's doing it?

  • What's the timeframe?

  • Here's how to get involved!

Start Your Own Project

We've listed many idea for projects in the pages above, but we're more than happy to entertain other ideas if you've got 'em. The OpenMRS framework allows any developer to explore creative modifications of OpenMRS through our module API, using Spring's AOP. With modules, any developer can create a hot-swappable "plugin" for OpenMRS akin to Mozilla's add-ins.