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Application Data Directory

The Application Data Directory is the folder that OpenMRS uses f= or external storage of data. Most data is stored in the database but some l= arge files and other things that are not appropriate for a relational datab= ase.

Default location

As of version 1.8, openmrs will put this directory in the current runnin= g directory. If you are using tomcat this is /opt/tomcathome/.openmrs or C:= \Program Files\Apache\Tomcat 6.0\OpenMRS

In version 1.7 and earlier, the default location is the home directory o= f the user running tomcat. ~/yourusername/.openmrs or C:\Docs and Settings\= yourusername\Application Data\OpenMRS

Manually set= ting the location

You have several options if you want to have control over where this dir= ectory is:

  1. Add a key to your runtime properties file:
    • application_data_directory=3D/my/custom/location/
  2. Modify the openmrs.war file: /WEB-INF/web.xml file
    • Change the context parameter "" to = something. (use a trailing slash)
  3. Modify the conf/Catalina/openmrs/context.xml file in your tomcat (or ot= her server) config:

For Developers

There are several convenience methods to help developers findSee the met= hods:



OpenmrsUtil.getDirectoryInApplicationDataDirectory(String folde=