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  • GSoC Operation Theater Module
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Communication Plan

Harsha and I will have a skype call each Friday on 5.30 p.m (GMT+2)

Project Plan


Project Proposal

In the last view days I refined my project proposal with the help of my Mentors.

The focus of this project is on scheduling of surgeries in order to maximize the efficiency of the available resources. 

OT = Operation Theater

Scheduling Algorithm

Integer Programming approach based on

The scheduling algorithm will be executed iteratively, every time unexpected events occur in order to keep the OT running optimally

Surgeries will be divided into the following categories:

  • elective (well planned in advance)
    • inpatient
    • outpatient
  • non elective = flexible
    • emergency
    • urgent

Emergency: reserve some capacity in all OTs in order to improve responsiveness for emergencies

Performance Measures

  • maximization of the utilization of the OT
  • minimization of rejected emergency patients
  • minimize waiting time of higher priority patients

These measures make up the objective function which is optimized with respect to the following constraints:

  • one surgery per OT (OTs that have the facility to perform concurrent operations are modeled as one OT per workspace) 
  • each patient is scheduled once
  • no overlaps

  • limit the number of elective surgeries (to have time for emergencies)

Additional Constraints not part of the paper
  • no overlapping surgeries in different OTs for the same surgeon / surgical team
  • inpatient:  (intensive care) bed must be available
  • all required materials / equipments must be available

As solver I plan to use lp_solve which is available under LGPL license


  • Scheduling for all Theaters for a given Day 

  • Discharge Letter

  • Management Report: OT utilization  - undertime, overtime - Patient throughput, ...

Data Model


User Interface:


  1. Anonymous

    Some thoughts. As your "protocol towards surgery" evolves the screen clutter increases. Is this good or not? Also it crossed my mind to ask if you need a check (you have a safety check list icon) at some stage to make sure it is the "correct operation" Site/laterality/etc so as to avoid incorrect surgery.

  2. Last Anonymous comment was from me. I forgot to log in

  3. Terry, thank you very much for your comment!

    I think it is not good if the screen is too cluttered. One has to find  a optimum between a cluttered screen and the situation where too  much information is  hidden (=only accessible with a few mouse clicks). Do you think that the information density is too high?

    Your second idea is also a good point! It was my intention to do that in the form of checklists that are accessible through the buttons in the "Patient Safety Checklists"-Area.

    1. Lukas, I will go back SLOWLY over this as it is very important to achieve "success" with the interface. I do appreciate that you felt my comments were of value. As I am writing this is their enough knowledge or data "in the background database" to support some functions "automatically"? For example if I do x then y cannot occur. .............just my ramblings. I will get back to you soon. Terry

      Is the link above the one to go back to the graphic interfaces?

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