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  • Setting of OpenMRS development environment and getting started up
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This page is too good for setting up the OpenMRS "Step by Step Installation for Developers". I am writing most of the steps alike but in my language...

  1. Install Java 1.7(preferrably):

Although installation of 1.6 also works. Google it you will get it easily. To check whether you have java installed on your system check the version with the command "javac -version" it should give somewhat "javac 1.7.0_51" if it gives the output as "javac 1.6.*_**" then also it's fine.

     2. Setup MySQL:

follow this link or google it. While installing MySQL you will be prompted to give the password, that password is for the root user. To check whether you have correctly installed mysql or not "mysql -u root -p" after that type the password and you will see a mysql console...(most of these commands work in linux only)

     3. Install Tomcat:

For linux users the command is "sudo apt-get install tomcat6". For other OS users please google.

If you are behind a proxy then use this link to put the proxy options:

use the command "cd" and migrate to the folder "/etc/maven" command:"cd /etc/maven"

after that open the settings.xml file using any editor command: "sudo gedit -b settings.xml"

paste this in the end of file: (in my case the proxy settings were)


     4. Running the server and passing all unit test cases:

Now go to any folder where you want to keep your openmrs folder:

use the command "git clone"

go to that folder i.e. command: "cd openmrs-core"

run "mvn clean install" (it will take time, approximately 5-10 minutes)

now go to folder webapp "cd webapp" (i.e. you are in the folder "openmrs-core/webapp" now)

be a root user "sudo su"

now run the jetty server "sudo mvn jetty:run"

(the last lines of running the command will be "

[INFO] Started Jetty Server

[INFO] Starting scanner at interval of 10 seconds.

" and the terminal must stuck there, thats what running the server means)

       5.Unexpected situation that the server doesn't run:

If "sudo mvn jetty:run" doesn't run it's not because of proxy because you have already set it.

It is not running because by default it runs on the port "8080", the port might be occupied. In my case tomcat server was running on that port so I stopped it using the commands: (Follow this link

sudo /etc/init.d/tomcat6 start                       // To start tomcat server
sudo /etc/init.d/tomcat6 stop // To stop tomcat server

run "sudo mvn jetty:run" again

now you are all set and ready to go... if you still get some errors ask on irc channel of OpenMRS(channel: #OpenMRS)

      6. Now go to the URL "http://localhost:8080/openmrs/"

when asked for mysql password: give the password for root user.. and if it doesn't work, remove the directory openmrs-core, restart your pc, reclone the repository from git, go to that folder and run "mvn clean install", finally go to the webapp folder "sudo mvn jetty:run"

N.B. If you want to search for any controller or html page name in the openmrs directory (since the repository is vast, it's difficult to find them unless you are aware of the structure of openmrs) the command in linux is:

find . -name "*<html page/ controller name">*" (not the asterisk mark is necessary, so that the closer searches are also visible otherwise it will look for exact search)

     7. Go on with the implementation:

It is an awesome blog written by a developer of OpenMRS (srimaurya kummamuru).

Follow this link ""

     8. This troubleshooting might be required:
I have written a blog regarding the troubleshoot, which you require, Troubleshooting, that might be required if you follow this method of installation 



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