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If you have used this method to install openmrs Setting of OpenMRS development environment and getting started up then this trouble shooting might be required. 

In my case:

  1. mvn clean install: It ran perfectly fine.
  2. sudo mvn jetty:run: It didn't and the stack trace for the same is:

This stack trace means that there is some process running on localhost:8080/ , in my case it was the tomcat server which I installed while setting up openmrs.

There is a useful post here: 

  1. ps aux | grep java
  2. Note down the process id of tomcat server running on localhost:8080/ and use the command: sudo kill -9 pid (where pid is noted from step 1).

Now reboot the system and try running openmrs in the normal way. It wll work this time. 

Happy Contributing. (smile)

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