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Hie folks... this page is about the installation of OpenMRS Standalone in Ubuntu as specified in this page.. Installing OpenMRS . I was stuck in the 5th point of the page Step 5 - Deploy OpenMRS .. I was facing difficulty since I got confusion that Tomcat6 and mysql need to be installed separately and username and password specified in there must be used in Deploy OpenMRS....Also OpenMRS standalone showed wierd behaviour after making 4 FRESH unzips..... the best you can do is:

sudo apt-get update (on terminal) then restart your PC...... after that try to run OpenMRS standalone with username: "admin"(without quotes) and password: "root" (without quotes)

P.S. OpenMRS has integrated Tomcat and Mysql in the package itself..... you just need to unzip the folder and type in the command "java -jar openmrs-standalone.jar"....

That's all (smile) (smile)


Akash Agrawall



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