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ActorUse CasePriority/Notes
Clinician View history of vaccinations already given, broken down by type, dose #
Clinician View "At a glance" vaccination and sequence number that need to be given to a specific patient.  (based on country or organizational guidelines).  
Clinician View any schedule constraints between doses that need to be given (e.g. maybe dose 2 of a given type needs to be given within 2 months of dose 1)
Clinician Specify that a vaccination was given during a visit

Specify that a vaccination was given in the past (not in a visit)


When entering that a vaccine was given, specify:

Sequence Number
Vaccination Date
Vaccine lot number
Vaccination Expiration Date

ImplementerSet up schedule of vaccinations that need to be given for a patient.   Does this need to be by location?  Or just per implementation?
ImplementerEasily change the schedule of vaccinations to be given (e.g. without assistance of an OpenMRS developer)
ImplementerSet up vaccinations data model such that they can map to CIEL and other global standard terminologies.

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