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The projects under this heading have been defined and are waiting for work to be done.  Some of these will be assigned to a release milestone (see the Technical Road Map) while others will be attached to a milestone once they are completed (or near completion).

If you would like to work on an unassigned project, contact the mentor and/or the developer's mailing list.

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Page: Add Location Attributes Page: Add Support for Open Web Apps Page: Administration Tools for OpenMRS 2.0 Page: Atlas Module 2.0 Project Page: BIRT 2.0 Page: CDA-based Clinical Patient Summary Import and Export Page: Change relationship for multiple patients at once Page: Chart Search Page: Chart Search for the Reference Application Page: Cohort Builder Replacement (Design Page) or Reporting Module User Interface Page: Cohort Queries as a Pentaho Reporting Data Source Page: Concept Dataset Generation Maven Plugin Page: Concept Management Tools App for Our New Reference Application Page: Concept Proposal Client and Server Page: Data Comparison Module Page: Data Integrity Workflow Module Page: Data Migration & ETL Module (Design Page) Page: Data Quality Module Page: Data Set Viewer in Reporting Module Page: Developer and Implementer Documentation Improvements Page: Drug Regimen Tab Module Page: ETL/Predictive Modeling Across Multiple Platforms Page: Expose System Metrics For Monitoring Page: Filtering Forms on Dashboard (Design Page) Page: Groovy Calculation Module Page: Handling Observation Exceptions (Design Page) Page: IHE Interoperability - Patient Administration Management Page: Implementing Novel Features to Improve De-duplication User Experience Page: Improved OpenMRS DHIS2 Integration Page: Improvements to the HL7Query Module Page: Improve the new OpenMRS Style Guide Page: Improving Mobile Development Page: Integration of OpenMRS with OpenEMPI Module Page: Intuitive User Interfaces for Report Designer Page: Logging Errors to the Database Page: Mobile Device Monitoring System Page: MVP Patient Consent Data Model Changes Page: Notes within OpenMRS (Design Page) Page: OpenMRS 2.0 SDK Page: OpenMRS Bulk Data Import Page: OpenMRS CDA Generator Page: OpenMRS-DHIS2-SDMX-HD Integration Page: OpenMRS ID Platform Improvements Page: OpenMRS Lite Module Page: OpenMRS RegaDB Integration Page: Operation Theater Module Page: OSGi Support Page: Patient Data Based Timeline Module Page: Patient Data Tab Module (Design Page) Page: Patient Matching Module Strategy Enhancements Page: Patient Medical Record Viewing Page: Patient Narratives Module 2.0 Page: Personal Health Record Module Enhancement Page: Reporting Web Services and Pentaho Integration Enhancements Page: Scripting Module and Data Integrity Module enhancements Page: SSO Authentication and Authorization Page: System Performance and Utilization Module Page: Testing Feedback Module Page: Upload and View or Download Image or File in HTMLForm Entry Module Page: Validation Module Enhancements


  1. Recently suggested projects:

    • Page logging - Burke?
    • Make concept proposal actually work
    • Give concepts a human-friendly ID that's not conceptId
    • Concept tagging (=concept set?)
    • patient dashboard tabs loaded via ajax
  2. One from my side:

    Survey Management module - giving administrators ability to make surveys and let patients(/anyone) take them and so on. 

  3. Quick project idea(s):
    1) Add admin page for customization the css. Currently you have to edit the runtime props file and add a link to a file.
    2) Replace the form schema designer written with dojo framework with one written in jquery.

  4. Julius/Roger/Rob suggested a wizard to assign privileges to users (via roles) starting from the Manage Privileges page. See this thread!topic/implementers/TnApu5nPXmw