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What were our UX research questions for the 3.0 RefApp so far? What use cases have driven our process?

Existing Research Notes:

Our General Process

  1. Research & Requirements: Gather requirements from 2+ organizations implementing OpenMRS-based systems. Bigger or more complex topics usually include a user research session (e.g. collaborative workflow mapping, pain point exercises). 
  2. User Feedback: Moderated design feedback sessions to gather stakeholder & user feedback on rough sketches. 
  3. User Testing: Usually 1:1 testing repeated with multiple representative users. Clickable wireframes often used so user's mouse actions can be screenshared during testing and confusion or ease of use can be directly observed. Occasionally, tools like Maze are used for unmoderated testing rounds. 
  4. Iterations: Based on User Feedback and discussions in community #ux-advisory channel and on weekly 3.x Product Design calls, designs generally go through 3-4 iterations. 
  5. Ready for Development: Uploading or updating the designs in Zeplin is the last step before developer handover.  

Getting around the EMR overall

ThemeResearch QuestionsStatusNotes & Helpful Links

Global Navigation:

  • What does a frontline worker need from their EMR?
  • How do they expect to be able to navigate through the EMR?


Key Points:

Navigating on Tablet vs Desktop

  • How does the user experience tablet vs desktop differently?
  • How does the space need to be save or used differently between tablet vs desktop? 


4 User Interviews and Changes resulting from testing:

Main Dashboard

  • What does a frontline worker need to know when they sit down and first open the EMR?


Caring for a Patient

ThemeResearch QuestionsStatusNotes & Helpful Links

Patient Landing Page

  • What does a clinician need to know about a patient at a glace?
  • What actions do they need to be able to do easily? 


Patient Visit Feedback:

Test Results


User Testing (x5):

Medication Order Entry


User Testing (x3):

Adding a Patient to a List


Top Takeaways and User Testing (x3):

Offline (CHW workflow)


Retention Worker Interviews (x2):

Caring for Groups of Patients

ThemeResearch QuestionsStatusNotes & Helpful Links

Using Patient Lists

  • What do you need to know about groups of patients?
  • What workflow do you use to care for a series of patients?


Tested with 1 clinician & 2 Retention Workers in HIV Outpatient care at Ampath

Top Takeaways and User Testing (x3):

Service Delivery Queues


User Testing 2021 Nov 4th: _____

Clinic Metrics


High Risk Patient Care

High Risk Patient Care: Research synthesis from interviews and shadowing at Ampath, Kenya, May 2022

Sample Patient Cases we've been using to check workflows, use realistic information in wireframes, and confirm basic needs before user testing: Sample Patients: Agnes, Billy, and Candice 

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