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FHIR Mapping

This is a suggestion on how to map OpenMRS TestOrder object into FHIR ProcedureRequest.

Fields which didn't match into FHIR representation are marked on red. Keyword extension means that FHIR Extension has to be used to synchronize this field.
Fields which partially match into FHIR representation are marked on orange.

OpenMRS Order documentation - Order Entry API.

OpenMRS TestOrder class extends Order class.

OpenMRS classOpenMRS fieldDB fieldFHIR fieldDetails
TestOrderspecimenSource : Concepttest_order.specimen_sourcespecimen : Reference(Specimen)-
TestOrderlaterality : Lateralitytest_order.laterality

bodySite : CodeableConcept

FHIR: "Codes describing anatomical locations. May include laterality."

OpenMRS: "Has to be one of: LEFT, RIGHT, BILATERAL"
TestOrderclinicalHistory : Stringtest_order.clinical_historyrelevantHistory : Reference(Provenance)-

frequency : OrderFrequency


extension - Order Frequency Extension

OrdercareSettingorders.care_settingextension - CareSetting FHIR Extension
Orderconcept : Conceptorders.concept_id : integerextension - Order Concept Extension
TestOrderlaterality : Lateralitytest_order.lateralityextension - Laterality Extension
TestOrderclinicalHistory : Stringtest_order.clinical_historyextension - Clinical History Extension
TestOrderpatient : Patientorders.patient_idsubject : Reference
Orderencounter : Encounterorders.encounter_idcontext : ReferenceEncounter
Orderorderer : Providerorders.ordererrecorder : ReferencePractitioner
Orderurgency : Urgencyorders.urgencypriority : ProcedureRequestPriority
Orderaction : Actionorders.order_actionstatus : ProcedureRequestStatus
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