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Since module version:



Supported versions by the Sync 2.0 module

Based on requirements the three versions of the OpenMRS platform were chosen which will be supported by the Sync 2.0 module.

  • 1.9.10 - 1.9.* - the 1.9.10 version is the lowest version supported by the Webservices.REST (the Sync 2 is strictly related to functionality from REST module),
  • 1.11.3 - the lowest version of 1.11.x for which the instance could be created and test (also version recommended on OpenMRS WIKI page - Supporting Platform 2.0 and below),
  • 2.0.5 - 2.0.* - previously supported version of the OpenMRS.

Information about how to upgrading the OpenMRS platform version could be found here:

Changes in the UI

The modules mentioned above should support old and new UI in one module. The screens of UI you can find below.

Sync 2.0

Old version of UINew version of UI
Sync 2.0 page

Sync 2.0 load configuration page

Sync 2.0 audit messages list

Sync 2.0 audit message details


Old version of UINew version of UI
Atomfeed page

Atomfeed load configuration page

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