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Currently, OpenMRS uses a custom-developed mechanism for authentication & authorization. Some implementers of OpenMRS may want to use their own authentication system instead -- for example, to use a single-sign on (SSO) system between OpenMRS and another system used in an organization.

Project Champions

  • TBD


  • Create abstraction for the authentication process
  • Create a proof of concept where a user can authenticate using external entity

Extra Credit

  • TBD



  1. this is a great way to make it flexible for users. But I think we need to have some benchmark authentication. Because if let the users lower the guard. It might heavily damage the security aspect. Just a thought. Hope you have considered it too.

  2. I would like to take on this project. How should I proceed with this? Are there any documentation related with the custom authorization & authentication methods?

  3. I am highly interested to take up on this project. Even recently SSO was implemented in our college. I am gathering idea about the same. I need to know about this project in detail. Awaiting for the resources. (smile)


  4. I have prepared the proposal for the project. Kindly give my your email-id so that I can share the google doc with you. Please review it whenever you are free.

    Thank You,

  5. I have prepared the proposal for it. Kindly review it and provide necessary comments. (smile)

  6. Ben Wolfe potentially can become the mentor for this project.

  7. Nyoman Ribeka Thank you for the information. (smile)

    Ben Wolfe Hello. Whenever time permits can you review my proposal and give me some pointers.

    The link for the same is: