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  • SDMX-HD specification, describing all Indicators, Dimensions, Indicator Sets for VCT, PTMCT, ART, and MC. This is available here:
  • SDMX-HD report output, as produced by OpenMRS, containing the actual indicator values specified above. Example output available here:
  • The above output is the original SDMX-HD specification zip file with a single additional file added as to the root of the zip package containing the actual data.
    • This file is named "Data_CROSS.xml".
    • This file contains an internal attribute named "dataProviderID" which identifies the facility that the report applies to. This attribute is configurable within the OpenMRS user interface
    • This file contains an internal attribute named "confirmationEmail" which specifies the email address that TracNet can use to send confirmation emails. This attribute is configurable within the OpenMRS user interface
  • A series of OpenMRS modules have been developed that allow for users to perform the following actions within the user interface:
    • Define and save Indicators
    • Define and save Dimensions
    • Define and save Reports that contain combinations of Indicators and Dimensions
    • Upload an SDMX-HD zip file, and Map the Indicators and Dimensions defined within to those defined in OpenMRS (eg.
    • Add attributes such as "dataProviderId" to the SDMX-HD output
    • Run and render the report to SDMX output (eg
    • Email the sdmx output to a user-configured email address from a user-configured email address.
  • An integration piece has been developed which automatically integrates the calculations for the existing Rwanda OpenMRS tracnet report, and sets up all of the necessary mappings in a single install module.
  • A demonstration server has been established running a standard OpenMRS 1.6 setup with demo data containing approximately 5000 patients (available on request).
    • Navigate to Administration -> Run Tracnet Report
    • Choose a year and month and click "Generate"
    • Wait for the report to finish generating at the page you are sent to
    • Click "View Report" to download the SDMX-HD report output and view it on your computer
    • Click "Process Report: TracNet Email Submission" to send the report as an email
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