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Themes seen across other reviews

  • Remove word growth for height and weight
  • Keep more button as way to add / edit details
  • Identifiers: people generally gets confused by what these are. I assumed they would know what they are if they are relevant to their group...needs to add
  • Condition List: show when it was last updated

  • Put address / City / Zipcode on first screen 
    • to be able to figure out travel
    • to be able to figure out their social determinants of health



  • Used EHR a bit, and Access Record
  • benefit: is the ability to have continuity of record
  • Very experienced with computer and phone
    • Chrome browser, google apps
    • used CommCare 

  • Thought the UX looks too 'beurocratic' as its greyscale

Patient Banner

  • Would like to see where is patient from? In order to help understand their travel time to the clinic


  • Easily gets to chart main page 
  • no trouble with the breadcrumbs

Add allergy

  • No trouble finding the more button to access add allergy
  • Really liked the add allergy workflow

Close Allergy window

  • Likes the confirmation message that you can delete something without saving it.


  • Really want to see upcoming visits

Growth - "Weird" term for high and weight....


  • Would like more clinical history.
  • ...makes sense....will do as shared add Program Level summaries are developed in FHIR and OpenMRS database

  • Most important part of page: history
  • least important part: skips it


Current EHR

  • Really liked search function: able to put in a portion of the patient name
  • Dislikes:
    • difficult to get previous data while working on current note

Wishes for an EHR

  • Reliable: doesn't eat my data
  • flexible: can do multiple things at the same time
  • find patient
  • input info
  • extra data quickly from multiple sources
  • copy paste info over
  • easily view data across multiple sources

Most comfortable with: Kindle, uses WhatsApp, google suite, google maps

Initial Impressions

  • Really likes seeing the patient age

Condition List

  • Can get messy quickly when multiple providers have access to the same list...(Greg: yes, this is super tricky....)
  • Need to know that its clean and uptodate
  • wants to be able to easily input data directly into the note:
    • e.g. input the vitals

  • Need to see who updates the lists.
  • "too many fingers in the pot"
  • need to be able to 
    • enter a new condition on date of onset
    • need to be able to add an end date
    • need to be able to stop-cancel a condition
    • have to fix mess ups


  • need to be able to input paper labs


  • Put address / City / Zipcode on first screen 
    • to be able to figure out travel
    • to be able to figure out their social determinants of health


  • no trouble with breadcrumbs


  • no trouble using MORE button to add
  • Easily adds new
  • Likes fail-safe box before being able to exit the note

Would like to see

  • Continuity of care / e.g. clinical reminders
    • they're due for a flue shot
    • they're due for a mamogram
  • MULITASKING !! Split screen !!

Nice Questions to ask

  • If you were to describe this EMR to a friend, how would you describe it?
  • If you could change 3 things about this EMR to a friend what would it be?

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