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Global Results

  • Breadcrumbs work, after people know how use them
  • Not everyone knows how to use breadcrumbs at the start.
  • People like having everything on one page as a summary.


Results of tests: Greg-1, Greg-2, Greg-3

  • Some people intuitively know how breadcrumbs work. Other's don't. 
  • People like the greyscale color design as opposed to the previous versions using blue.

Results of tests: AMPATH-1

  • User likes having everything on one page
  • It is not intuitive to user that they can use the breadcrumbs to go back on page.
  • User can navigate the breadcrumbs easily after learning how to use them
  • User uses the RIGHT ARROW to identify things are are clickable with further data
  • User believes everything in bold may be clickable.
  • Would like
    • field for multiple telephone numbers
    • place for free text comments on the patient's address / location.

Results of test: AMPATH-2

  • breadcrumbs work ok
  • prefers profile as the first section
  • unclear of the use of the term "Growth" when applied to adults
  • would like to move (e.g. notes, visits) into the history section

  • No labels