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Primary mentor

Unknown User (dieterichlawson)

Backup mentor

Unknown User (jeremy)

Assigned to

Unknown User (eclaesson)


The Messaging Module allows you to send and receive all kinds of messages - SMS, email, and inter-user messages (called OMail). It also helps users handle various ancillary aspects of messaging, including managing addresses and browsing past conversations. Lastly, it has an easy-to-use API that other modules can use to incorporate messaging into their own projects.

The Messaging Module was created by Unknown User (dieterichlawson) and Unknown User (jeremy), and it will be used for projects in Kenya and several other countries in the near future.

GSoC Internship Purpose

The goal of this project is to allow users to schedule recurring messages before or after an event. Also, users should be able to define these messages, events, and their schedules easily.

Specific features could include scheduling SMS reminders to be automatically sent to patients X number of days before their next appointment, automatically sending SMS to relevant health workers when one of their patients has missed an appointment, and scheduling reminders to mothers X number of days before or after their expected date of giving birth, to coordinate routine antenatal care or immunizations for children.

Notes from a brainstorm with a potential implementation partner, Jacaranda Health, can be found here.

Domain Expert(s) / User(s)

Required Skills

Working with OpenMRS generally requires experience with the following technologies: Java, Spring, HTML, Javascript. The following skills are also desirable: Hibernate, Maven. Extra bonus points are awarded if you have worked with SMSLib before.


- Create automated reminder functionality either in the Messaging Module or a separate module that utilizes the Messaging Module API.

Extra Credit

- Work on creating observations via messages

- Fix bugs and perfect code in the Messaging Module


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