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  • Radiology Reporting Enhancement
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Radiology Reporting Enhancement

Primary mentor

Judy Gichoya

Backup mentor

Ivo Ulrich

Assigned to

Ivange Larry Ndumbe


The purpose of this module is to enhance radiology reporting for OpenMRS. The current state supports creation of a free text report that’s linked to an observation, and saved in the obs table. However, in real life radiologists use templates for reports. The largest library of templates available is provided by http://radreport.org/

Radiology reports exchange is governed by the MRRT standard. See complete description here : http://www.ihe.net/uploadedFiles/Documents/Radiology/IHE_RAD_Suppl_MRRT.pdf

The standard unifies representation of radiology templates as Html 5 , that have specific components.

For example: here is a CXR template http://radreport.org/template/0000102

The template is displayed as below

If you select view source , then the template’s HTML code is as below https://gist.github.com/judywawira/72668f75d2830fd561ec


Project Champions

 Judy Gichoya


The purpose of this task is to do the following 

1. Incorporate templates from http://radreport.org/. The TinyMCE editor allows one to build plugins eg https://www.tinymce.com/docs/plugins/template/ 
2. Allow designing of templates by radiologists 
3. Allow sharing of templates between installations using the MRRT standard 
          a. System should have a way to store the templates

Extra Credit

4. Use the MRRT template mappings to generate a FHIR diagnostic report and POST it to OpenMRS 
5. Extract MRRT mappings to generate a form schema in OpenMRS that can be used to store an obs group as results


Good Java skills
Familiarity with J2EE web programming (e.g., JSPs)
Familiarity with Spring Framework


1. Watch this video that describes the workflow of radiology https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czApoO5N9K8&feature=youtu.be 
2. Read on the MRRT standard that powers the http://radreport.org/ library . Standard is available here: http://www.ihe.net/uploadedFiles/Documents/Radiology/IHE_RAD_Suppl_MRRT.pdf 
3. Read on FHIR https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/projects/OpenMRS+FHIR+Module and https://www.hl7.org/fhir/


Interested ? or have questions?


Questions about this project should be posted here https://talk.openmrs.org/t/radiology-reporting-enhancement/5125/1 or on the openmrs channel on #IRC 

Preference is for talk to allow other students to learn and keep a record of participation