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In Reference Application Module There is need for a module that handles Movement of patients from one Service point to another. 

Currently This functionality is not in place and It is desirable to add to the Reference Application Implementation. 

The features required include. 

  1. A clinician Dashboard which show the workload for the day at hand. 
  2. Ability to add patient to a queue of a given service point. 
  3. Ability to complete a patient queue when health care provider at a given point of service is done with the patient. 

Clinician Dashboard

  • The Clinician Dashboard should have messages from other Health Service providers within the same clinic. 
  • Also Should Have a list of patient assigned to the clinician on a given day
  • Should have ability for a health care provider to Refer a Patient to another service point. 
  • Should allow a health care provider to send a message to another health care provider

Adding a patient to queue. 

This feature should be on the patients dashboard on the General Action Section. This should be able to start visit for a patient.

Adding patient to a new queue should automatically close the previous queue. A patient should have only one active queue at a time.

Completing a Patient Queue.

This should be able complete patient queue for a patient.  Completing a patient queue should have an option to close active patient visit of the day. 

Database Design Concept

The Image below doesn't show the entire structure of the table structure but an idea how the different entities may relate to each other. 

A patient queue is related to a patient, Provider, location, and patient status

The New table to be created will include

  1. Patient Queue Status.  This has statuses such as completed, In queue, In Review.
  2. Patient Queue . This has all the different patient queues about a given patient.This keeps track of the patient movements and also Keeps track of the work load of clinicians in a given period of time.

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