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Primary mentor

Saptarshi Purkayastha

Backup mentor

Gaurav Paliwal

Assigned to

Harsha Siriwardena


A patient has a problem and comes to an internet-hosted OpenMRS implementation with this module installed. Without needing to register an account (but fill name and email in the form), the patient should be able to upload their own narrative of their problem. Depending on the HTMLForm or XForm that is made available by the OpenMRS admin, the patient needs to fill the form and send their patient narrative. This could include long descriptive text, scanned images for existing test results, recorded videos etc. This submitted form gets added as an Encounter (with say under-review encounterType) for a default Patient and saved by a default provider. A reviewer or data-entry clerk reviews this information, creates a new patient and transfers the appropriate encounter to the newly created patient.

The goal of the project is to enable care-seeker to connect with care-giver in which their current treatment can be reviewed by a group of care-givers, who can suggest further action. A captcha prevents from spam submission of forms over the web

Project Champions


  • Module allows setting default provider id, default patient id and encounterType under which submitted encounter/forms are added.
  • Allow displaying HTMLForms/XForms without having to login to OpenMRS with Captcha to prevent spam
  • Allow logged in user to review uploaded information, register valid patient and add uploaded information as Obs

Extra Credit

  • Using HTML5 MediaStream allow capturing patient video and upload to OpenMRS ComplexObject




  1. Hi Saptarshi,

    I am really interested on this idea, So I have designed a high level diagram for this project, from the things what I understand to now. Could you please review it? >

    Thanks, Harsha

  2. This project really looks like something I could get my teeth stuck into and do a respectable job on! I've just submitted my formal proposal via the Google Summer of Code website. I'm itching to learn more about writing software for healthcare so would jump at the chance to learn more about how OpenMRS works and how its components fit together. I would start now but I'm midway through finals so ought to be revising!