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Overhaul the User Management dashboard for ID Dashboard

Primary mentor

Robby O'Connor

Backup mentor

Weihua Cheung

Assigned to

Dmytro Trifonov


ID Dashboard is the glue that holds the community together. Currently we have to straddle two systems if users have issues registering, Atlassian Crowd (OpenLDAP) and Formage (MongoDB). We aim with this project to eliminate both and combine the solutions so we can see at a glance when users are in MongoDB, OpenLDAP or in both. This is one of those projects which benefits the people who make sure the community runs smoothly.

Project Champions

Robby O'Connor


A minimal deliverable will allow us to see all users in MongoDB and OpenLDAP and edit their user details have the updates happen in both systems.

Extra Credit

You can go even farther and have tools to:

  • Detect spam users (a regular expression can work for this – but make it configurable!)
  • Detect users in OpenLDAP and not in MongoDB (Orphan detection)


  • Frontend JavaScript and backend Node.js experience
  • Knowledge of REST API design and usage
  • Familiarity with MongoDB and LDAP (or willing to learn) 


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1 Comment

  1. One useful admin feature would be to search/identify spam users, and then be able to ban them if they have not in fact created any useful content. It would be nice if this worked similar to Discourse where when you ban a user, the IP used for signup goes onto a blacklist and future signups are not permitted by that IP address.