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2014 Internship Project

This project is being considered as a potential project for 2014 Internships. If you are a potential intern and are interested in working on this project, please discuss it in detail with the mentor(s) listed here before submitting your internship proposal.

Primary mentor

Harsha Kumara

Backup mentor

Mohammad Ullah

Assigned to

Lukas Breitwieser


Managing and scheduling Operation Theater (OT) activities are critical tasks in a hospital. Main objective of this module is to create a more user friendly environment for hospitals to manage their OT activities efficiently. OT scheduling is the most critical task in managing a OT in a hospital. Scheduling always needs to dealt with emergency surgery scheduling, cancellation of surgeries etc. Having a OT module integrated with OpenMRS will gain major benefits for hospitals including efficiently manage hospital resources, optimizing theater schedules, gives an overview for assign surgeons and nurses for each surgery efficiently and etc. Management people can analyze efficiency of OT by past records associate with each OT and also can determine consumption and future need of resources for surgeries.

Project Champions

Harsha Kumara

Mohammad Ullah


    1. Create a new module following Creating Modules (improve the documentation if needed)
    2. Apply for a repository at and a JIRA project
    3. Create tickets in JIRA for tasks to be completed during GSoC
    4. The one of major function of the module is to enable a interface to efficiently schedule OT activities in each OT in the hospital. (Managing interfaces for scheduling activities will be critical here).
      Scheduling needs to address changes in surgeries such as new additions, cancellations, delayed surgeries, emergencies, etc.
    5. Each surgery should be associate with following details

      • Surgery date and time.
      • Operation Theater (OT) number of ID.
      • Anesthesia type and Anesthetist Name.
      • Surgeon (Include if there is Assistant surgeon).
      • Theater nurses associate with the surgery (If possible).
      • Mechanism to track pre and postoperative events.
      • Attach any reports associated with surgery (i.e. patient surgery chart, Operative reports - transcription).
      • Managing doctors comments regarding surgery.
      • Special drugs,instruments and materials needed for a operation.

    6. Build interfaces to view daily OT activities. Also it should be necessary for view OT schedules for past and future days.  
    7. Create interface needed for hospital administrative people for analyze OT activities and efficiency. These interfaces may contains special needs of materials need for upcoming surgeries and consumption of resources in each OT.

Extra Credit

  • Using Ajax based intuitive user interfaces
  • Design efficient scheduler with user friendly interfaces


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  1. what are the requirements for this Harsha?

  2. Our plan is to develop a generic OT module with a dynamic design so that everyone can adopt and customize based on their needs. Keeping that in mind we are on the process of collecting requirements from other countries as well.

  3. When will the requirements from other countries be available?


  4. user-73a3b

    Hi, i would like to take this project as my GSoC 2014 Project, but i,m having a trouble of finding the Git Repository for this particular project. Can you give that link please.?

  5. This project is a new one so will need to create a module from a scratch. So there will be no github repo associate with this project yet.

  6. user-73a3b

    Tnx for the immediate reply (Y)

  7. user-42322

    Project seems interesting. I would really like to have this as my GSoc Project this year. Can you please tell me how to get updates to this project?

  8. This project seems interesting. With my experience on OpenMRS contribution, I think I would be able to implement this as my GSoC 2014 project.

  9. I always reachable through and will be available at #openmrs IRC channel under harsz89 nickname. (smile)