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Primary mentor

Harsha Siriwardena

Backup mentor

Burke Mamlin

GSoC studentYousef Hamza


  • Improvements for the current iOS Client:
    • Ability to view currently active visits
    • Ability to edit patient details, like name, birthdate, address, etc.
    • List of saved patients, with the ability to remove them from local storage
    • Reposition the activity indicators to provide a better user experience. (having it on the top bar sometimes not easily observed or noticeable.)
    • Automatic updating of saved patients (i.e. on every app launch with an internet connection)
    • Better patient view, I.e. with tabs to switch between patient info, vitals, visits.
    • Better app support & optimisations for the iPad
    • Implement Two-Way Synchronisation for the Client – currently we let user's to select patients for offline usage. But after the offline usage the updated info doesnt get synced with the server.
    • Integrate the code base with Travis CI.
  • Implement ODKClinic Android App features in the iOS app.
    • Ability to Download Forms from the OpenMRS server.
    • Let the users to fill those forms in a Mobile friendly interface.
    • Upload forms back to the server. (Sync.)
    • The uploaded forms need to be viewable in OpenMRS server as Encounters.

Extra Credit

  • Integrate "instabug" in-app feedback/bug reporting system in the app
  • Integrate "flurry" analytics system in the app.
  • Handling of network errors
  • New Activity indicators
  • Timer for refreshing patient data when viewing
  • Your suggestions on how to improve the app - new ideas / features are welcomed!

Project Champions

Next-steps for potential students, discuss ideas & ask questions here: OpenMRS Talk: Pre-GSoC 2015 discussions - OpenMRS iOS Client Extensions


Improve the current functionality of the iOS client (v1.x) by fixing the current issues it has and by adding more features to it (ODKClinic alike features, 2-way Sync, etc).


Get familiar with:


  1. This looks like a great project.

    Parker, what infrastructure do you currently use to read/write data to OpenMRS server?  RESTWS or something else?

    Have you looked at the work we're doing on FHIR yet?

  2. Hi Dr. Paul BiondichParker Erway uses REST ws to communicate with server side OpenMRS.

    Didn't knew about FHIR, would you mind sharing the ideas you have or the ways we could use FHIR in here? thanks!

  3. Harsha Siriwardena: I would like to give a proposal for this idea. I have finished 8 Tickets in Issues. How can I contact you for further clarifications?