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OCL for OpenMRS Squad

OCL for OpenMRS application


Project owner:

Team members:

  • Jacinta Gichuhi, AMPATH
  • JJ, AMPATH Jonathan Dick
  • Ellen Ball, PIH - Stakeholder Ellen Ball
  • Michael Seaton, PIH
  • Mark Goodrich, PIH
  • Kuang Chen, Antara Health
  • Julius Kabangi, Antara Health 
  • Jeremy Ogembo, Banda Health
  • Lincoln Karahunga, Andela
  • Daniel Kayiwa 
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Burke Mamlin, OpenMRS
  • Andy Kanter, CIEL 
  • Jonathan Payne, OCL
  • Yiga Mulindwa Herbert (PM) 
  • Moses Mutesasira
  • Irene Nyakate 
  • Tendo Martin 
  • Juliet Wamalwa 
  • Ian Bacher, Brown University



Reference documents

Use Cases

Where can you find us ?

On Talk

On Slack

Slack Channel :

Slack Channel: #ocl

Standing Weekly Call:

Every Wednesday : Join zoom from computer or mobile:

  • 3pm UTC
  • 6pm EAT
  • 10AM EST (Boston)
  • 9AM CST (Chicago)
  • 7AM (Seattle) 

Want to contribute?

Here is our JIRA board with the list of tasks: and Active sprint

Collaboration conventions:

PR Approval Process:

Agree on the following with regards to PRs: (1) After a PR is done, the creator of the PR will assign it to a squad member within 24 hours. The squad member will then have 1 week to provide feedback or approve the PR.

Design System Process:
The general plan is to use OpenMRS Jira (OCLOMRS). 

Meeting Minutes

All meetings minutes here :

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