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Since we now have support for Open Web Apps [1], it would be great to put together a library of approved apps that could be downloaded and installed via a convenient user interface inside the OpenMRS web application. We already have Modulus [7] that does this for OpenMRS Modules, so one strategy would be to extend Modulus to also work for OpenMRS Open Web Apps.


  • Extend Modulus backend and API to support uploading and downloading of OWAs
  • Implement App Store UI in OpenMRS OWA Module

Suggest timeline



  1. Open Web Apps Module (source)
  2. Previous GSoC Project Page
  3. Developing an HTML+JS Open Web App Quickly
  4. Open Web App Development Workflow
  5. Yeoman OpenMRS OWA Generator
  6. DHIS2 App Store Web Frontend
  7. OpenMRS Modulus (api docs)


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  1. Unknown User (ivange94)

    Unknown User (sunbiz) my name is Ivange Larry a third year computer engineering student and openmrs community member for like 5 months, i have worked on 8 tickets in core. This project sounds very appealing to me. Even though i don't have direct experience with Open Web Apps, i have good experience in the technologies used in developing OWAs. I am going through the resources on the page. As of now i have a lot of questions, but i want to go through the resources first and see if they will answer some. But i would be glad to hangout on irc and chat a little about this. My irc nickname is l4rry and my openmrs id is ivange94.