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Expectations for OCL for OpenMRS Squad Meeting Notes

We use the OpenMRS Wiki - Edit Mode for real time. This means that everyone attending a meeting monitors and contributes to the note taking!

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How to get started with OCL for OpenMRS

Join our team calls! We meet most weeks on Wednesday at 7:30pm IST | 5pm Nairobi | 4pm Cape Town | 2pm UTC | 9am Boston | 6am Seattle

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To Address Next Meeting

  • How to onboard people more easily and share MVP knowledge? Knowing where to find what: functional level, technical level Different entities: OCL on one side, OCL for OpenMRS, and subscription module Pulling all this together and understanding how to interact with all them was a challenge FAQs, recurrent questions about UI or content: Update questions, delete questions. 
  • (If time): Address Business logic concerns: Sort Names Alphabetically by Language OCLOMRS-907 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Meeting Notes

  • Renaming Squad "Concept Management Squad"?
  • Review Sprint progress via our Jira Board
  • January Release: Start Testing Org Management (and other completed tickets) this week? 
    • Release practicerun the oclclient-636 release build in staging again (Suruchi)
    • Run New release to push QA to staging


Attendees: Grace, Suruchi, Burke, Michael, Andy, Ellen, Ian, Juliet, Tendo

  • End User Feedback on Export/Import workflow (@suruchi to lead)
  • Update on real-ish use case for OCL client: MFE Demo Distribution, experience thus far. (Need customization for sure. VIRAL LOAD vs Viral Load in UI display, also need to adjust the ranges → getting into "source of truth" issues.)
    • Test ranges vary by lab facility, by gender, age, ethnicity; different ranges depending on units - more complex than we should probably be trying to perfectly handle in dictionary. But OMRS doesn't have a place to store these values right now. Could persist values from the lab as part of the observation - but it's not being stored/handled as part of the OMRS model. 
      • Ellen recommends getting this information from the Lab Information System, not OMRS, so that it's in one place and don't have to maintain in both 
    • Should we be filing issues in OCL team's GitHub Issue Tracker rather than on #ocl? 
  • Update on plan to connect with Open Concept Lab team this friday: Demo
    • We in squad agree that joining dev forces would be ideal

2021-01-13: Customization Wireframes Walkthrough & Feedback

Attendees: Burke, Burke, Andy, Daniel, Ellen, Hadijah, Ian, Laure, Michael, Suruchi (Welcome Naman!)

  • OCL Team updates: API2 progress ongoing. QA environment is up with API2; staging environment this week. Burke has been working with Sonny to test out the client amidst the infra changes, and to make sure there aren't any API changes that will prevent client from running. Specific qa2 client testing not needed just yet. Surface level, big blocker checks ongoing.
  • CIEL: Content released for vaccination; OCL team will likely need to do another release at end of January.
    • Andy to start regular "office hour" for anyone in community who wants help w/ terminology
  • Client
    • Organization Management: Work update & demo by Hadijah; clarify questions that have arisen.
      • Stay consistent with "Company" vs "Organization" terminology used by OCL. Since optional, can mark optional here.
      • Rename "Collections" to be "Dictionaries" in the Organizations details page. Ideally Sources and Dictionary options would be links so I could click them and go there. 
    • Automated Frontend Tests: Update (Suruchi)
      • Login cypress test working 
      • Next tests in progress is Concepts tests and Create or 
    • Customization Workflow: Designs review (based on part 1 of the user stories/requirements document); any high-level updates from Burke on FHIR modelling
    • Sort Order requirements for Answers and Sets

2021-01-06: Reviewing January Sprint progress & plan, and confirming Customization User Stories 


Customization User Stories/Requirements document:
Attendees: Andy, Burke, Grace, Hadijah, Michael, Ivan, Suruchi, Tendo 

  • Hear about how the January Sprint is going (goal is a release at end of January, to release Org Management features and recent bug fixes)
    • Sprint Board: 
    • Hadijah working on view details workflow and UI, and edit organization this week.
    • Juliet working on organizing names alphabetically
    • Suruchi to work on making members editable
    • No content updates to Bangladesh since sept
      • Did have to go through deploying a new version right before launch and that worked well
      • Content updates required when:
        • Changing symptoms/treatments (e.g. with COVID)
        • New features or treatment programs
  • Learn about the Cypress test review work @suruchi did over the holiday break 
  • Confirm documentation to send to OCL team about Concept Customization, and discuss how to move forward with wireframes
    • Public Concepts Updates:
      • PIH, MSF Currently not following updates at all other than conversations directly w/ CIEL team. Sometimes a fix is needed really quickly - updating a name, adding a mapping; to push out new content immediately into the field - you'd do this to your own dictionary immediately. (So being able to manually make the updates / changes yourself. Sometimes need to change later an as-is CIEL concept, after having already pulled it in to your dictionary.)
      • Being able to add or auto-add new translations, new mappings, could be of value.
      • Changes used to be uncommon. Lots of changes related to COVID right now. ICD-11 move is on horizon: adding new ICD-11 maps. 
  • Briefly review the recent clean-up work done in our Jira; having another backlog cleaning session this week on Thursday at 5:30pm EAT

Links shared:

2020-12-16: Finish Q1/Q2 priority planning




  • Edit & Delete of Organizations: Juliet & Hadijah pair programming, hoping to finish this one. Great update!
  • Bug fixes
  • Release likely in January; Daniel to follow up with Hadijah and Juliet and Suruchi

2020-12-9: What do users need next? Q1/Q2 Roadmap planning session


Roadmap Planning via collaborative MetroRetro board:

Convenience Sets: Purely for UI (Business Logic/Form convenience) or Reporting 

2020-11-25: MVP+ Release


Attendees: Grace, Juliet, Jen, Andy, Daniel, Ellen, Juliet, Michael, Sharif, Suruchi, Swedhan, Tendo, Burke


  • Squad Showcase! Videos due Friday.
    • Does anyone want to volunteer to do a demo of the OCLOMRS client? 
    • Brief video of script/use cases + 
    • Broader audience 
  • Notice E award from Digital Square - Scope of Work
    • Success! $57k award
    • Scope of Work review session - Jen to f/u and book
  • Conference Sessions
    • Lightning Talk
      • How MSF integrated w/ Bahmni and concept mgmt workflow - likely Tuesday session at 
      • TODO: Grace or Mike post on Talk (Christine to post later today)
    • Session
      • Examples from the field: Managing Concepts - Workflow demo by MSF (Michael/tbc), PIH (Ellen)
      • OCL for OpenMRS tool
        • Example: Add a concept to do with COVID vaccination; manufacturer of vaccine - how could you add that concept?
      • OCL Direction
      • TODO: Grace post Session on Talk
      • TODO: Grace & Mike propose on Monday 
  • MVP+ Release
    • Better to see use of MVP+ in real production setting
    • Push to Production Tomorrow
    • TODO: UAT in Staging with Ellen today (Grace & Suruchi)
    • TODO: Daniel and Suruchi connect about how to use Bamboo
    • Future TODO: Clear release and follow-up process
  • CIEL Update
    • tl;dr: OCL retires mappings instead of deleting them. OMRS deletes them, doesn't story history. Be aware when grabbing data from OCL that retired concepts should not be showing up in OMRS.
    • Staging almost exact match to Prod. But process that exports mappings needs to filter out retired mappings. OCL can retire mappings; OpenMRS just purges it (OMRS doesn't keep the history). Right now, if getting data from OCL, need to recognize and ignore any retired mappings. 
      • TODO: If there's a retired mapping on OCL, check that Subscription Module won't try to pull that into OMRS - filter out retired mappings from OCL
      • TODO: Grace f/u with Mark, Michael; when Burke updates the 927 release; then check when released that it is not showing up retired mappings
    • Next release of OCL (Trad) this weekend or next week but won't include handling retired mappings. 



Status update: 

  • Important conference announcement (Jen)
  • Some mappings that should have been deleted are still hanging around due to historic bug in OCL backend
    • These extraneous mappings have been retired within v2020-09-27 on Staging and the same will soon be true for production
    • We will be watching the next import of CIEL carefully to ensure the bug has been fixed
      • Burke TODO: Confirm changes have been made to avoid deleted mappings from being introduced in subsequent imports
    • What will MSF need to do with the dictionary they've created?
      • Burke TODO: Work w/ Jon to recommend approach. Will likely use a script to do a one-time cleanup of these.
  • OCL looking at changing the source name of older versions to indicate it's been retired - unclear how many INs that would affect



Attendees: Grace, Andy, Ian, Michael, Tendo, Juliet

Regrets: Suruchi, Ellen, Muhima, Laure

  • Note that the higher priority (than insight into what concepts are being used) is to address how sites get an up-to-date version of CIEL!
  • Shadowing session with Andy for CIEL terminology updates
    • Insights
      • Need to understand context of how that term is needed
        • e.g. Unspecified Reason - not the same as "Other reason". In "Other Reason", would look through possible answer list to see if it might be relevant
        • e.g. Anemia - nspecified because no further detail given
      • Interface Terminology: Multiple CIEL or IMO concepts are often mapped to 
    • Tools
      • Request spreadsheet from Implementers
        • Comment history helpful because there ends up being back-and-forth about context
      • Open Concept Lab to check if there's anything mapped to the code they've requested
      • IMO's Terminology Tool - check what they've done, how they've handled it
      • SNOMED browser - more context to see how this has been done, handled, mapped - use map correctly
      • OpenMRS Create New Concept
        • Uses Old version of OMRS (1.6.6) to allow backwards compatibility for people using old versions. But this doesn't have the "Relationship Type" field, so he'll use a customized name like SNOMED NP to indicate that it's not a perfect mapping
      • Languages: Often comes back later for translation review & iteration. Adds related translations available in ICD or SNOMED if it's a SAME AS.
      • GitHub - exports from OpenMRS, uploads new files there; 
      • SQL for Bulk Updates - e.g. Look for all places with a SNOMED code or RxNorm Code & Combination code - wants to find all places with RX Combination Code and not an RX Norm Code. 
      • SQL for relationship specification - add on relationship type field to these concepts for more recent versions of OCL. (This is not the most painful step for him)
    • Updating
      • IMO maps imported: Have to look for IMO identifiers to check that what was imported from IMO years ago is still correct
    • Loading Process
      • Many steps! Video TODO - find video

Proposed Concept Management workflow - hasn't used in 10 yrs

  • Only in OMRS, not OCL. Only for your particular server. 
  • Able to keep track of things you propose. Given a temporary UID. Gets replaced if it gets promoted to an itl concept. But if there's been concepts used live to collect data - have to be very careful.
    • Temporary Identifier
    • Fix it when/if the proposed concept gets updated
    • Way for Andy to harvest what ppl have done (expects 70% wrong or redundant - just weren't able to find the right thing)
    • Difference between localization ("Gambian finger size") vs something that could be needed elsewhere
    • More about a communication medium - might be able to help find the right thing



Attendees: Burke, Daniel, Ellen, Ian, Laure, Grace, Michael, Muhima, Sharif, Suruchi, Tendo

  • Next week Nov 11 is Veteran's Day (OMRS Holiday). Plan to meet?
  • Updates:
    • QA pushed to Staging, MVP+ UAT ongoing
    • QA2 testing (with API2 update) ongoing by Burke, seeing improvements and OCL team continues to prioritize issues arising; not yet ready
    • PIH Colleagues were asking "Why aren't we using OCL for OMRS? This looks awesome". Commitment to helping us i.d. changes that need to happen for PIH to be able to use it 
    • Suruchi has chosen OCLOMRS as her fellowship project for both her dev and PM fellowship
    • Demo of how concept management is handled in NepalEHR

    • MSF Update:
      • No active TW development in last week
      • Laure: Just rebuilt Bangladesh dictionary due to blocking mapping issues now being resolved; however, seeing new error messages in production client, that aren't showing up in OCL.
        • Issue: Import from CIEL/OCL client into OMRS OCL OMOD: New Errors 
        • Some mappings that should have been deleted are still hanging around due to historic bug in OCL backend
        • Burke/OCL following up; may have to remove versions of CIEL. Burke TODO: Clean up this week.
        • What will MSF need to do with the dictionary they've created? Burke TODO: Work w/ Jon to recommend approach.
        • Reproduce:
    • Question about FHIR Terminology Service - plan?
      • PLM work does depend on OCL implementing some subset of the FHIR Terminology Service API. Nothing to do at the moment with OMRS FHIR service at the moment. OCL is working on FHIR terminology service. Important, because will help support PEPFAR indicator mapping workflow; no direct link w/ OCL for OMRS at this point.  
    • Staging Urgency



Attendees: Andy, Burke, Swedhan, Daniel, Grace, Ian, Juliet, Laure, Mark, Michael, Muhima, Suruchi, Tendo

  • Time Zone changes coming this weekend to EDT → EST, and PDT → PST. Keep at current time for others (and have 1 hr earlier for PST/EST - i.e. 7am→ 6am PST, and 10am → 9am EST. Would be better for our colleagues in IST?)
    • Will be 1 hr earlier just for people in DST zones
  • QA Review
    • Agreement for now that only these sources will be available; if more needed can ask dev team (hardcoded):  Ideally would have "preferred sources" pulled to the top
    • Text for error message is coming from API:
      • "Concept or Mapping reference name must be unique in a collection." → should be latest version, not head. TODO - Grace - F/U with OCL team about this one.
      • "Added the latest versions of concept to the collection. Future updates will not be added automatically." → Only picks latest published version.
      • "Expression specified is not valid." → "Concept not found in source"
    • Would be searching for 1 concept at a time
    • Bulk imports more likely from external source and then uploaded
    • Investigate bug: Seeing multiple CIEL listed in Mapping Sources (In Production; not staging or QA)
       No filter for MVP, so everything showing from lookup table. Agreed we need a filter; used so frequently that needs to be priority fix. e.g. Reference Terminologies vs Specific to Me (More design needed)
    • Bug? All my dictionaries get added to the "Source" list for mappings: 
    • No error message for required fields. Maybe Submit button disabled until required fields completed, or scroll up to issues.
    • Source type names are referring to OCL names: 
    • Source: Can create concept once, and then take to different implementations' dictionaries.


Attendees: Burke Grace Ellen Mark Suruchi - Welcome! Daniel Juliet Michael Tendo Swedhan Andy

  • CIEL status: latest seems to be on Prod, not on QA and Staging or Demo
  • Staging seems current but missing 3 concepts (___ to follow up and find out why)
  • TODO: Follow up with Kirity re. how to get this in & current in QA & UAT (Staging) - when willlatest CIEL content be available in staging? Not defined. Need to back up why this is a priority b/c costs OCL team time. (only a nice to have in Demo)
  • Demo should have latest CIEL but this is a lower priority.
  • Bugs update
  • Bug 1: Reference Concepts are Pulled into your Dictionary - fixed on last Sunday, test on QA seems ok, not available on prod yet.
  • When is next prod release planned?
  • TODO: Need one round of testing on staging to release to Prod
  • TODO: Grace f/u w/ Kirity - can we release to staging? Any reason not to if qa looking reasonable to dev team? Then we could start testing staging right away.
  • When should releases to staging happen? As often as possible? Or only when qa has met some criteria? Would prefer lower bar for releases to staging right now given we are a smaller group right now, raising issues amongst each other already; but because we are small also don't want a complex process.
  • Bug 2: OCL backend retains version history that included that mapping. 
  • Blocker/high-impact when importing from OCL to OpenMRS (brings with it the previous accumulated mappings)
  • TODO: Burke to get this cleaned up with OCL team - fix may be nearly done
  • Bug 3: Error messages retained
  • Being fixed now
  • Updates on QA2 environment?
  • Now available (version of QA running against OCL API2):
  • Data are currently minimal (e.g., doesn't contain any CIEL content)
  • Testing plan for qa2 environment/testing API2
  • Switch to using qa2/API2 - want at least a couple weeks before API2 comes out. Not bigger priority than MVP+ tickets.
  • TODO: Grace & Suruchee review qa2 with simple workflows
  • ThoughtWorks dev team updates
  • import progress page, and summary of import, with reason for why concept was/wasn't added, user able to export as a CSV file. To demo this next call or screenshot(s) on slack.
  • Build monitoring
  • OMRS PM team can monitor OCL client build and possibly OCL demo reset (demo envi may depend on this)
  • TODO: Burke to f/u with OCL team about whether we need to keep running the other builds or whether these can be disabled
  • UAT Feedback
  • Andy - proposal to have "Include Retired" button (default is not to see them, but what if I want to see them?). Ellen - would be very useful. (Nice to have) Confirm w/ Laure.

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