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Expectations for OCL for OpenMRS Squad Meeting Notes

We use the OpenMRS Wiki - Edit Mode for real time. This means that everyone attending a meeting monitors and contributes to the note taking!

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How to get started with OCL for OpenMRS

Join our team calls! We meet most weeks on Wednesday at 7:30pm IST | 5pm Nairobi | 4pm Cape Town | 2pm UTC | 9am Boston | 6am Seattle

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To Address Next Meeting

  • How to onboard people more easily and share MVP knowledge? Knowing where to find what: functional level, technical level Different entities: OCL on one side, OCL for OpenMRS, and subscription module Pulling all this together and understanding how to interact with all them was a challenge FAQs, recurrent questions about UI or content: Update questions, delete questions. 
  • (If time): Address Business logic concerns: Sort Names Alphabetically by Language OCLOMRS-907 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • LUI-174 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Renaming Squad "Concept Management Squad"?
  • Review Sprint progress via our Jira Board

Meeting Notes


  • Sprint Board review together -
  • All agreed on release to Production asap (smile)  
  • OCLOMRS-983 - Getting issue details... STATUS id'd as critical; Juliet to pick up
  • May sprint planning: Monday


  • Sprint Board review together -
    • API2-related bug fixes done
    • Iniz Validator?
    • Columns ticket
  • MSF Impact of API2: Andy & Burke following up on MSF mapping for 16 references
  • Iniz support update
  • Blocker: Concept Customization data model -Further Discussion on Next Steps
    • Use Case Document:
    • Expanding on what's technically needed by OCL/ Plan for work that needs to be done in OCL platform to enable this / what changes are needed in API itself
      • Name modifications could be tackled sooner - b/c fhir has a model for what this looks like
    • Would be useful to have PIH dictionary in OCLClient to support OHRI work
      • Todo: Grace to confirm if OHRI team would like to see this
      • Todo: Ellen & Jon following up about getting PIH dictionary for HIV, TB, into OCLOMRS. Would load into staging server first and validate. 
    • Next Steps
      • Grace & jon: Book time w/ OCL team + engineers about concept modification
      • Grace, Jon, Burke: Summarize the technical 
      • Lab sets for different countries e.g. Sierra Leone
  • Discussion: Backlog Ticket(if time allows)


  • Updates:
    • Welcome to our new fellows, Hadijah (mentor) and Juliet (fellow)!
    • Sprint Planning on Monday
    • Daily standups
    • API2 launched over weekend; all our environments now use API2
      • MSF Impact: Andy & Burke following up on MSF mapping for 16 references - answer within next few days whether something to be concerned about. Give MSF the link to v1 production. They'll follow up with MSF about this. 
      • CIEL-related bug: Name needs to be resolved, and ID should be visible (e.g., "NAME (ID)" or ID showing concept code in a separate column) – ticket OCLOMRS-976
          (example: 1421)
      • CIEL mapping appears missing ("I have 3 in OMRS by only 2 mappings here"): May want to show CIEL mapping (to itself) - reason it doesn't show here is because you're looking at the source's original concept, so the reference is inherent. 
        • (Grace file ticket) Add column for CIEL and reference to CIEL in the concept 
  • New practice - Sprint Board review together: First 10 mins - Review April sprint board. Suruchi to lead after. Highlight focus, then review peoples' work status.
  • Blocker: Concept Customization data model - what are the next steps? What do we need from the OCL team?
    • Would be introducing Fx that's not standards-based. OK for name-related changes but deviant everywhere else. 
    • Alternative: Code System Supplements

2021-03-31: Iniz & API2 switch

Attendees: Grace, Burke, Ian, Suruchi, Andy, Daniel, Ellen, Hadijah, Irene, Jonathan, Naman

  • No call next week - OMRS Community Meeting instead!
  • Important things to book
    • Sprint Retrospective & Sprint Planning meetings: TODO: Book for Tuesday next week 9am EDT
    • Standups - Daily Check-ins, Blocker checks - Ian, Suruchi, Hadijah to propose? Short daily post in #ocl-client-dev. E.g. what issue you're working on today? Any blockers? at 9am EDT. Todo: Trial over the next week (smile) Ian to set up
  • Iniz
    • Issue in OCL Module: The way it's set up, it needs a subscription or it will create an error when it tries to save concepts
    • Work-around ideas voiced by Burke
  • API2 switch: Team QA plan

2021-03-24: 1.0 Release debrief, Iniz & Sprint Update

Attendees: Suruchi, Michael, Naman, Hadijah, Juliet, Grace, Tendo, Ellen

Debrief on 1.0 Release

  • Kudos to Suruchi, Hadijah, Ian for bug fixes already. Low-impact so no rollback required.
  • Having more people involved in final qa: more eyes, we'll catch more (smile)  (1 week announcement before release - ask others to try out staging)
  • Checklist looked okay, passed - need to update based on what we learned
  • Checklist should clarify the must-haves that must be checked before each release (e.g. anything that could result in a bad change to an org's content, permissions)
    • Suruchi to go through checklist and update
    • Suruchi doing User Guide updates
  • Jira features should highlight what somethings must not do, e.g. "this feature should not allow you to edit others' organizations"

Iniz update

  • Goal: Have Iniz use OCL.  Progress with code but not working completely; Suruchi and Ian progressing. When user loads Iniz file, OCL concepts used & loaded.
  • Time target: Iniz able to understand OCL by end of the month
  • Updates on the #openmrs-initializer channel

March Sprint

  • Reviewed board


  • coming next week, blocker is CIEL content migration
  • API2 environment testing passing! (smile) 


  • Mentor & Fellow interviews, deliberating


  • Grace & Ellen confirmed that we need to add Reference Range adjustments to the requested non-breaking changes options list. TODO: Grace confirm that this could be in-scope and handled by our proposed model.
  • Will OCL be able to support changes needed/help us, starting in April? (Thinking we'd like this in our April sprint as our next major focus)
  • Is data model approved? TODO: Grace f/u with attendees via email

2021-03-18:Discussion on how to move forward with both Iniz and OCL4OMRS

Suruchi, Ian, Mike S, Mark, Grace

2021-03-16: Squad Call, v1.0 Release done!


Attendees: Burke, Naman, Hadijah, Suruchi, Grace, Andy, Ian, Daniel

  • Released to Staging yesterday → Suruchi testing Staging → Released v1.0 to Prod today together (smile) 
    • Idea: Display version # somewhere in webapp
    • Talk post with summary of Release Notes coming shortly (Suruchi) 
  • Dev demos and updates
    • Ordering Options & Sort Weight: Naman working on ability to order things (e.g. Answers) in the OCLOMRS UI  
    • Why is PIH, MSFOCP, not available in production?
      • Pending OCL data migration. CIEL will be loaded into new envi this week; if goes smoothly, they'll open that server up to the squad to make sure it's working as expected with the migrated data
      • i.e. Test Migration data before move to API2.
      • PIH one not migrating - was on staging only because was incomplete. Technically ready but no value for PIH yet.
      • The error with the MSFOCP source in current production is caused because the source is private in prod IIRC. → Fixed (smile) But still blank.
        • Confirm Public Dictionaries list is not showing Private Dictionaries
        • Ideally we alert the user when there's a workflow problem like a Public Dictionary where the Source has been marked Private 
    • CIEL not available when making a custom concept?
  • March Sprint started, review scope
  • Review unclear backlog items
  • API2 update
  • ICD communication to stakeholders
  • Update on Plan for Customization:
    • Data model discussion re. Customizing Concepts that we had with Bryn Rhodes & Andy on Friday: What were the next steps that came out of that discussion? Did Bryn give a thumbs-up overall to our data model? Can we proceed with the dev work for this or do we need to rethink it?
  • Roadmap review: 

2021-03-10 Squad Call


  • New version of CIEL coming soon. How do organizations update?
    • PIH: Ellen's workflow: Publishes on MDS server for all to be able to see. No process to update existing concepts. Useful things and problematic things - e.g. if we updated a dictionary but not our PAC system, or Lab tests. Changes to codes causes a lot of QA/action domino effect
    • MSF: Use existing version for existing content. 
  • TODO: Follow up on whether - PIH needs support/dif check
  • PIH Source currently empty in production - historical mappings blocker OCL faced
  • OHRI Updates: Monday, Wednesday presentations
    • If site has existing concepts, can import your mainline/existing content using OCL API directly. MSF has figured out how to do this. 
    • TODO: Check w/ Mekom: was apparently also working on a script to export all the concepts you have in your implementation, and transport all your concepts into an OCL CSV format.
    • "No migration scripts"  → Will this make it easier to do upgrades? Don’t have to map the concepts? (Dan
  • Technical Updates
    • QA2 is down → (was restored later by Rafal)
  • TODO:  Plan for call next week (PST/EST → PDT/EDT)

2021-03-08 Follow up on ceasing support for CIEL Legacy Mappings 

Attendees: Jon, Andy, Ian, Suruchi, Grace


This is not a recurring change that will happen; exceptionally rare

Due to moving to a production ready environment that's ready for scale. Includes making CIEL as clean as possible. 

Next steps for MSF & OCL

  • OCL will create a Dif and will handle the legacy mappings for them. 
  • They'll create an audit report for MSF that will show them what changed (if anything). 
  • Should know this week what the impact would be. 
  • If any changes: No production impact. If they wanted to set up another server, it's possible the ICD10 maps for a certain concept would not match what they had in a prior version. 



Attendees: Ian, Jonathan, Suruchi, Andy, Daniel, Ellen, Hadijah, Irene, Juliet, Michael, Naman, Settimba, Tendo, Grace P


  • Release of staging to production is blocked by orgs bug
  • We'll re-make staging again after the fix gets in (Ian following up on fix)
  • Suruchi to do the testing in staging after QA has been pushed

API2 change-over

  • Likely change over in 1.5 weeks. Could change over sooner
  • Finding # of concepts: Suruchi working on this (OCLOMRS-923) to use new API
  • Bulk import error: CORS error - had been pointing to the wrong server (because of AWS server switch)

Clarified: We are not planning to drop the Subscription Module! It's a strategic priority to continue to support this. 

Regarding the load of CIEL into OCL v2.0:

  • Decided not to migrate over old CIEL data from 1.0, but instead load a new version into 2.0.
    • E.g. latest version of CIEL, like v2021-01-29.
    • Why? Dirty - very old concepts. Contained mistakes, broken links. User would still see retired concepts but without history (would be current version of CIEL). 30 versions published since 2016. 
      • Only affects mappings. No impact to CIEL concepts available.
      • Mappings are going to disappear. Because there's no "retired" flag for maps, only delete when cleaning up. 
      • What if someone was 
      • Subscription Module: If you were subscribed to older version of CIEL, it will look through OCL for any changes to that version - and it won't be able to find that version. 
        • → If they're subscribed to a prior version of CIEL, and they wanted to use the Subscription Module, they'd have to upgrade the version (i.e. __) 
          • OCL Could produce a report of what's happened/changed/mapping rows that have disappeared. Could include references that couldn't be migrated because the resource is missing.
          • Andy & OCL Team would also create mappings so that there would still be an appropriate concept mapped. 
            • Needs to be clear: What the impact is on existing implementations. e.g. Implementers would need 6-12mo notice on major change to workflow.
            • How to test: Need a copy of Bangladesh dictionary in QA; point that to newest version of CIEL; check nothing breaks
    • Impact?
      • Impact on MSF Bangladesh dictionary? 
        • The concepts will still be in the latest version of CIEL. May be flagged as Retired.
      • There won't be SNOMED NP any more. But in OMRS, there's no way to say which relationship is preferred. May need to build out the OMRS concept representation more. Should we improve the OMRS Concept representation? Yes! Question is how to support legacy.
        • (e.g. ability to indicate preferred Mapping - sometimes really matters which is the primary code and which is the secondary code.)
        • Why?
        • E.g. OpenMRS handling retired mappings
        • TODO: Task: Upgrade OMRS Concept tables: e.g. Add retired field, retired mapping, to OMRS Concept datatable - need design call w/ Burke & Andy to i.d. other things that should be done.
      • ICD10 codes dropped?
  • Need to ensure the sources for mappings are correct. There are several problems with the way it is done now.
    • Only SNOMED NP?
  • Any time to redo or retest the CIEL import script? Andy putting together a document which outlines what he thinks the translations should be from CIEL 1.6.6 to OCL.
    • Concern this impacts the subscription module

Copy Dictionary Feature


  • Follow up call - booked for Monday, 5pm UTC
  • Using MSF Bangladesh dictionary as real-world test case
  • Need a test environment with the new version of CIEL



Attendees: Andy, Ian, Daniel, Ellen, Irene, Juliet, Joseph, Michael, Naman, Suruchi, Tendo, Grace

FYI: Save the Date: Quarterly Virtual Community Meeting: 17th Mar to 18th Mar 2021 Lightning talks Squad showcase(each squad will have 5 mins). Implementer showcase( each implementer will have 5 mins). Strategy forum. 

  • API2 testing work: Update
    • 3 main issues: Unable to Edit (Fixed now), total # of concepts not showing up, bulk concept import not possible in new API
    • TODO: Andy Follow up with Burke and Jon to clarify data migration strategy
  • How to tell if CIEL is up to date? 
    • Confirmed: Head is always the latest version on OCL b/c Andy doesn't make his changes on OCL. I.e. we're not searching the true CIEL Head (people shouldn't be able to add things that aren't yet published)
  • Update: Copy Dictionary work
    • Addressing ability for user to totally copy a dictionary so they don't have to start from scratch
    • Want to be able to rename the dictionary
    • Suruchi and Hadijah pair programming
    • Preference is to copy the latest version rather than head (avoid enabling 
  • Release Manager: Suruchi
    • Works with others to decide when release is ready, pushes through release pipeline, communicates the release and what was updated
    • To complete QA in staging; hoping to release this week
    • Release Summary: Organization tab moved below Profile Tab Organization: View page, List, Create, and edit with field validation, delete Page reload on Create and edit Organization detail page with Organization details, Members , Sources and Dictionary List or User’s Organization in User profile Page Concept Names are grouped by language and sorted alphabetically Concept title in header without formatting
    • ?includeRetired
  • Retired Concepts
    • OCLOMRS-932 - Getting issue details... STATUS  : Hide retired concepts (put at bottom of filters)
      • Problem: Backend returning "true" for "include retired" even when the request is false
      • There are use cases where users need to be able to see retired concepts
      • TODO: Change ticket to "Include retired" and "Include added concepts". Put at bottom. Default is these are excluded 
    • Code for Added concepts:  OCLOMRS-933 - Getting issue details... STATUS   - How to handle isn't clear; 
      • ?addToDictionary=/users/admin/collections/tst1/          
      • perhaps similar challenge to /concepts/?page=1&limit=10 - e.g. 2 requests: 1 to get all the concepts that exist in that dictionary, and all the concepts in all dictionary, and remove all the concepts that are referenced in our dictionary.

        • Impact on performance: OCL API very slow to return whole thing
        • Could be opportunity to improve search efficiency
        • Naman and Ian to follow up
  • OCLOMRS-918 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Ian to review
    • Ensure it's pulling the specific version of the concept we're on

Other topics if time:

  • GSOC Projects?
    • Could we help Andy/CIEL with some work, such as scrips to fix All-Caps issues?
  • Clarify plan to include ICD-10+, SNOMED in our Sources?



Attendees: Andy, Burke, Daniel, Ellen, Grace, Ian, Irene, Juliet, Laure, Michael, Suruchi, Tendo

  • Iniz vs Subscription Module conversation on Wednesday
  • OCL API2 update coming in next 2 weeks
    • Suruchi & Grace hosting QA Session together on Thursday, 2pm UTC at
    • Goal: Test both API2 and the new features ready for release
    • Plan to test API2:
      • Go through QA document
      • Try to break it (tongue) 
    • Plan to switch over to API2:
      • Pointing to the right API: API1 will have support for a while, but we'll need to change url to match the new host location; we'll change over once API2 is live
      • Data Migration: TODO: Need to set up time to review how data in v1 → v2; implications of v1 changes not being synced to v2
      • No material impact to worry about for CIEL
  • Customization Update
    • Data model discussion with OCL team on Monday; wrapping up and breaking down next steps on Monday next week
  • Summary of Export: OCL API for Exporting only supports as low as Sources, still working on dictionaries & concepts-level info. We tried fetching whole dictionaries via different API call and returned so much JSON we couldn't even get the file to open. Fields Iniz CSV requires either have multiple different API calls or none at all. 
    • The only APIs we can access for now: 
    • Main need is to re-use work:
      • Copy a dictionary to build on top of that work in a new dictionary
      • Create a recommended source - any collection could become a searchable source
    • TODO: Check Zip file import option from Subscription Module
    • TODO: Burke to check w/ Jon on timeline for supporting head export; get his thoughts on copying a collection


Attendees: Burke, Andy, Daniel, Ellen, Grace Nakiguli, Ian, Juliet, Michael, Suruchi, Tendo, Grace Potma, Hadijah


  • Updates: Open to all. Export functionality planning updates.
    • Clarify plan to unblock customization needs with FHIR terminology - Burke share knowledge (smile)
      • Suruchi joining the Tuesday OCL Dev calls with the OCL team to get to know them and hear how FHIR is used.  
        • Customization: Take references to CIEL concepts –> make non breaking changes, have those applied and continue to work with it as if it's the CIEL term. 
        • OCL wants to represent this customization workflow with FHIR. But, FHIR not totally designed for terminology management and curation. So question is how to model
          •  Key Value pairs would be natural spot to put this additional information
          • Not adding extra details to a concept, but could be an extension (additional properties) to a reference. Jon seems to have idea of how this could be carried out.
          • Need to be able to address presence or absence of mappings in addition to properties added to, or removed from, a concept or mapping.
          • Shifted from FHIR first to "How do we represent in OCL"
          • TODO: Call w/ Jon, Burke, Suruchi, Ian, Grace, and possibly a technical team member from OCL to kick off the collaborative FHIR modeling work to unblock customization
            • Task is to understand how Jon imagines this will be applied in OCL already, build on that
            • Seems like we'll need to use a FHIR Extension
              • But, FHIR is a transport standard not a management tool. Therefore, it is mostly likely to transfer a flattened, customized concept and not carry the differences as structured elements.
              • CIEL concerned that CIEL references to modified concepts not get confused with the original. 
              • Perhaps propagate a link to the custom OCL concept (flattened with changes) but retain a provenance link to the original CIEL concept with a modified flag (and that the only think added to FHIR is the provenance link with the modified flag)
            • Read up on: 
    • Export Fx update & unblock requirements:  
  • Plan for Subscription Module - are we introducing too much complexity with Iniz?
    • By using Iniz to fulfill offline-related gaps, aren't we duplicating what the users need to manage concepts? Does add complexity.  
    • Internet at PIH sites: Either non-existent or spotty. 
    • Michael: Can we create a serialized version of the API call from Subscription and store it locally and have the subscription module read it from there instead of online? Why is that different from Iniz.
    • Burke: Iniz vs Subscription model: not solving same problem. Iniz: Initial deployment. Subscription: 
    • Grace TODO: Use case call w/ Michael, Ellen, Dimitri
  • OHRI Project Requirements: 
    • OHRI = OMRS HIV Reference Instance. PEPFAR funded project. Going to bring more attention to concept management requirements.
    • TODO: Burke to coordinate bringing OHRI representatives to next squad call to share what they need
  • TODO: Completing January release: Join Grace tomorrow, Feb 11 at 2pm UTC:
    • We'll review QA tasks together
  • Divvy-up our immediate QA plan
    • For Release: Need to share work for manual QA of current OCLOMRS Staging environment
    • For the API2 upgrade: Need to share work for manual QA of API2 qa environment 
  • Look at Roadmap. Confirm next sprint priorities. Missing: Diff Checks. 

Reference to concepts or to mappings - example below shows adding the changed content 'foo: bar'.

    "references": [
            "expression": "/orgs/CIEL/sources/CIEL/concepts/165647/5e7b9791bc59190001937cf5/",
            "reference_type": "concepts",
			"extras": {
				"foo": "bar"
			"names": [
            "expression": "/orgs/CIEL/sources/CIEL/mappings/583c695a65baaa00076d2968/1/",
            "reference_type": "mappings"




Attendees: Suruchi, Burke, Ian, Jonathan Payne, Andy, Daniel, Ellen, Hadijah, Irene, Juliet, Joseph, Laure, Michael, Naman, Tendo


Attendees: Burke, Jonathan Payne, Andy, Daniel, Ellen, Hadijah, Ian, Irene N, Juliet, Joseph K, Michael, Naman, Suruchi, Tendo, Grace

  • OCL Team Demo: OCL Web2
    • dif view - how does this compare to what you're imagining for before vs after customization? Before vs after a concept update?
    • Shared user stories: - Non-breaking changes for localization purposes + where to store those customizations; - Import/export for dictionaries/collections; - Comparisons/version management; - Filters and UI in general.
    • Have representative join public OCL call - dev calls on Tuesday 8am EST; Architecture calls Friday 8am EST - share priority user stories at the moment
    • Checklist of what's in scope for OCL vs what things need to be owned by OpenMRS
  • OCL API v2 - Use API2 for next production release? How "imminent" is the switch-over for OCL? 
    • OCL Team tentatively aiming for ~ end of Feb
    • Most calls are backwards compatible


Attendees: Grace, Suruchi, Burke, Michael, Andy, Ellen, Ian, Juliet, Tendo

  • End User Feedback on Export/Import workflow (@suruchi to lead)
  • Update on real-ish use case for OCL client: MFE Demo Distribution, experience thus far. (Need customization for sure. VIRAL LOAD vs Viral Load in UI display, also need to adjust the ranges → getting into "source of truth" issues.)
    • Test ranges vary by lab facility, by gender, age, ethnicity; different ranges depending on units - more complex than we should probably be trying to perfectly handle in dictionary. But OMRS doesn't have a place to store these values right now. Could persist values from the lab as part of the observation - but it's not being stored/handled as part of the OMRS model. 
      • Ellen recommends getting this information from the Lab Information System, not OMRS, so that it's in one place and don't have to maintain in both 
    • Should we be filing issues in OCL team's GitHub Issue Tracker rather than on #ocl? 
  • Update on plan to connect with Open Concept Lab team this friday: Demo
    • We in squad agree that joining dev forces would be ideal

2021-01-13: Customization Wireframes Walkthrough & Feedback

Attendees: Burke, Burke, Andy, Daniel, Ellen, Hadijah, Ian, Laure, Michael, Suruchi (Welcome Naman!)

  • OCL Team updates: API2 progress ongoing. QA environment is up with API2; staging environment this week. Burke has been working with Sonny to test out the client amidst the infra changes, and to make sure there aren't any API changes that will prevent client from running. Specific qa2 client testing not needed just yet. Surface level, big blocker checks ongoing.
  • CIEL: Content released for vaccination; OCL team will likely need to do another release at end of January.
    • Andy to start regular "office hour" for anyone in community who wants help w/ terminology
  • Client
    • Organization Management: Work update & demo by Hadijah; clarify questions that have arisen.
      • Stay consistent with "Company" vs "Organization" terminology used by OCL. Since optional, can mark optional here.
      • Rename "Collections" to be "Dictionaries" in the Organizations details page. Ideally Sources and Dictionary options would be links so I could click them and go there. 
    • Automated Frontend Tests: Update (Suruchi)
      • Login cypress test working 
      • Next tests in progress is Concepts tests and Create or 
    • Customization Workflow: Designs review (based on part 1 of the user stories/requirements document); any high-level updates from Burke on FHIR modelling
    • Sort Order requirements for Answers and Sets

2021-01-06: Reviewing January Sprint progress & plan, and confirming Customization User Stories 


Customization User Stories/Requirements document:
Attendees: Andy, Burke, Grace, Hadijah, Michael, Ivan, Suruchi, Tendo 

  • Hear about how the January Sprint is going (goal is a release at end of January, to release Org Management features and recent bug fixes)
    • Sprint Board: 
    • Hadijah working on view details workflow and UI, and edit organization this week.
    • Juliet working on organizing names alphabetically
    • Suruchi to work on making members editable
    • No content updates to Bangladesh since sept
      • Did have to go through deploying a new version right before launch and that worked well
      • Content updates required when:
        • Changing symptoms/treatments (e.g. with COVID)
        • New features or treatment programs
  • Learn about the Cypress test review work @suruchi did over the holiday break 
  • Confirm documentation to send to OCL team about Concept Customization, and discuss how to move forward with wireframes
    • Public Concepts Updates:
      • PIH, MSF Currently not following updates at all other than conversations directly w/ CIEL team. Sometimes a fix is needed really quickly - updating a name, adding a mapping; to push out new content immediately into the field - you'd do this to your own dictionary immediately. (So being able to manually make the updates / changes yourself. Sometimes need to change later an as-is CIEL concept, after having already pulled it in to your dictionary.)
      • Being able to add or auto-add new translations, new mappings, could be of value.
      • Changes used to be uncommon. Lots of changes related to COVID right now. ICD-11 move is on horizon: adding new ICD-11 maps. 
  • Briefly review the recent clean-up work done in our Jira; having another backlog cleaning session this week on Thursday at 5:30pm EAT

Links shared:

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