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What this module does

OpenMRS OAuth2 module strictly adheres to the OAuth2 specifications which are enforced by Spring Security and Spring Security OAuth2 projects. For a quick overview of the Oauth2 protocol flow, you can utilize the following resources :

Documentation / How-To

If you are an OpenMRS implementer, see OAuth2 Module - for Implementors

If you are a Client Developer, see OAuth2 module - for Client Developers 

If you are a Module Developer, see OAuth2 Module - for Implementors

To add support for UI to the module, see OAuth2 Module - add support for UI

To configure and use OAuth2 Client REST Controller, see OAuth2 Module - Client REST Controller

To add support for CORS, see OAuth2 Module - add support for CORS

Required OpenMRS Version

The module requires OpenMRS 2.0.1 and above with Spring Security 4 and above (depends on Spring version being used).



Screenshots / Videos / Resources

**TODO add all related videos and documentation here**

Release Notes

Current Version : 1.0

Previous Versions : 


This module was developed by Mayank Sharma and Sanatt Abrol during Google Summer of Code programs (2015 & 2017). 

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