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Primary mentor

Jonathan Dick

Backup mentor


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The development of OpenMRS Rest Web services has created the opportunity to build client side web applications operating on top of OpenMRS. HTML5 tools like localStorage and indexedDB combined with a framework like AngularJS make possible the creation of an offline version of OpenMRS. We would like to build the core modules using Angular to allow for future users to create full OpenMRS implementations using only client side modules. In addition, we anticipate the need of updating the REST WS module to support additional functionality.

Project Champions

Jonathan Dick


Develop AngularJS modules to allow for authentication, encryption, patient registration, form entry, and cohort creation.

Update to the OpenMRS REST Web Services module to support additional functionality for various resources. 

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  1. Hi Jonathan Dick,
    I'm interested in this project.
    What are the core modules that you intend to build using Angular? 
    Please point me to a resource that would help me to set up the current OpenMRS REST Web Services module.

    Thank You

    1. Sriyan, it's great to hear from you!

      The most important module I'd like to build is an angular replica of the HTML Form Entry (HFE) module. Ideally, we would make directives to model the existing tags in HTML Form Entry. The goal would be to allow implementers the ability to design one form which could be used in either case.

      You can see an v1.0 that I've started at Unfortunately, it's not well documented at this time but I'm happy to discuss it.

      Here's the docs on the REST WS module:

      Please let me know if you have other questions.