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Primary mentor


Backup mentor


Assigned to



A paragraph explaining the "why" behind the project.


Short description of the project.

Project Champions

  • Person X
  • Person Y
  • Implementation Z


  1. These are outcomes of the project
  2. List them out here in brief words
  3. They should be measurable
  4. They should be completable within the timeframe


If possible, describe some real world example use cases.


This is where brainstorming will happen. Give a first-pass of what the design should be (table design, UI mockups, workflows). As work is happening, the mentor and student can use this space to add/remove/modify the design of the project.


The student should write documentation as part of the project. Add an outline of what you would like to see in the wiki pages.

The docs written here are for convenience and should be moved to their own page(s) near the completion of the project.


  • This is usually
  • a bulleted list of
  • other references
  • and helpful docs
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