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Some implementers of OpenMRS have started collecting data in the field using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. However, these types of devices are prone to weak security, both for the device itself (such as with theft) or security of the data stored in the device.

The system will allow administrator to (among others):
* Remotely lock a device
* Remotely wipe a device
* Detect unwanted operation performed on the device

This project will require the student to know the following terminology:

  • AngularJS
  • Grails
  • Basic Authentication
  • CORS
  • Spring Security
  • Bootstrap (or maybe Foundation)
  • or show me that you want to learn all those terminology

Please explain above terminology in your proposal (using your own words).

Project Champions

  • TBD


* Create server side application to monitor mobile devices
* Create application which will perform the wiping, locking and logging operation
* Design the communication mechanism which would allow the server side to send instruction to the application

Extra Credit

  • TBD



  1. Unknown User (akshika47)

    is there such mobile application for Openmrs?

  2. Unknown User (gauravsaini03)


    I am a student and interested in this project as GSOC project this summer, I have emailed Nyoman, but did got any response on this till now. I want to know how I can start with this project ?



  3. Unknown User (nyoman)

    I am removing this from potential project for the GSoC this year because I don't think I will have the cycle to mentor it.

  4. Unknown User (sashrika)

    Unknown User (nyoman), But I spent lots of time to eloborate the project proposal. I've aslo discussed this with you. 

    OpenMRS Mobile Device Manager

    But since last week I was unable to find you online. 

  5. Unknown User (swapnali)

    Well, the Spring Mobile Framework can only detect the type of device (mobile, tablet, android, iPhone). I would suggest to create a mobile app firstly using Android, they have good APIs to get the IMEI and other device information. Going further you can create REST services (including authentication and Spring Security) to consume android device information. Also how are you planning to go ahead with iPhone devices?