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**** slack channel for MFE Product Roadmap ****


This project is aimed to develop a public roadmap for OpenMRs as well as a basic level of operational hygiene.

The idea for this project stemmed from different meetings and conversations that exhibited several challenges with the existing model.

Main challenges:

- Information is spread all over Confluence and is difficult to find

- There is a need for alignment and for enabling visibility of the big picture

- Lack of effective prioritisation and for managing the relationship between resources and desired features

- Organisations and stakeholders have a tendency to build something on their own instead of using/improving someone else's work resulting in several widgets that serve the same purpose. Some potential root causes for this are: this is a common practice in the development world, people don't want to mess with other people's implementation or the fact that is a different looking UI


What are we optimising for? 


- Creating and communicating an integrated vision of the product instead of individual features

- Synchronising everyone on the same page 

Time to value: 

- Identifying users and getting their feedback proactively to serve as an input to drive the vision for the product including usage analytics 

- Creating a light governance process and a way to propose, validate the demand for and prioritize new features

- Avoid dry backlog and make it easy for the community to pick up small projects to work on 

- Get organisations and users excited about what's coming 

- Improving efficiency and reducing complexity by finding opportunities for capability rationalization 


1.Current scope inventory:

Capture information about the current state of the product, what has been built so far and gather and organize all the existing ideas and WIP features for the future. 

2.Value assessment and prioritization

  • Create a prioritization framework based on a common definition of value to prioritize existing ideas
  • Implement an efficient way to collect community feedback (voting system)
  • Create a user research capability that involves all the different archetypes to understand current problems and validate potential solutions 
  • Design a way to capture usage data 

3.Create and communicate Product Roadmap 

4.Define maintenance mechanisms 


Definitions and concepts 

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