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Slack channel for PoC release here.

Test environment here: MFE test environment.


The goal is to create a packaged release to prove the feasibility of MFE from an implementation perspective.

This is not a production use case, this is a way to get the community excited about this framework and to prove that it works and to get some learnings on how to better secure adoption in the future. The idea is not for the implementation to replace the existing solution (yet) but to get the MFE to work alongside with the current applications. 

The main focus of this POC is not the end-user but the implementer. The main goal is to gain momentum around OpenMRS 3.0 and commit to releasing more often.  We will not create fixes to back-releases (e.g. bug in 2.0→ fix goes out in next release; patches for emergencies) - because patches can dis-incentivize people from moving off of old versions.

The target deadline is mid-July. 

Some clarity is needed on the following points: 

  • Define and capture the learning goals for this POC (what do we want to prove/learn from this POC)
  • Define and select the ideal candidate (early adopter) from an implementation perspective (potentially Ampath and PIH)
  • Find out what's the bare minimum that we need from an architecture & metadata perspective (shall we consider dockerization best practices?)
  • What is the thin slice of value that we can release that users can install and test and can be released quickly? (registration?)
  • Define squads/teams involved and set timeframes
  • Testing approach 


Our focus areas for the next cycle.


  1. Package everything together in distribution (most sites need things to work offline, unlikely to use CDN) (Florian Rappland Romain Buisson )
    1. Complete proof of concept
    2. Design session - ideally w/ Modules or Maven expertise - Florian Rappl  and Romain Buisson to connect
  2. Domain Decomposition
    1. Design session - Monday 
    2. Complete definition to start splitting up pt chart widgets following cycle
  3. Styling & UI Improvements
    1. Mobile device testing together
    2. Document issues
    3. Consistent validation
  4. Login & Location Page  MF-256 - Getting issue details... STATUS (Donald Kibet
    1. Change location
  5. Patient Registration Page  MF-248 - Getting issue details... STATUS  (Nicholas Hill)
    1. Wrap up remaining work:
      1. Content: patient's phone #, relationships, contact person
      2. I18n - Patient Registration page localizable
  6. Early QA (Grace Potma f/u with Ampath QA team)
    1. Planning session with OpenMRS team
    2. Workflow of Login, Home page, search - testing, UAT (Grace Potma)
    3. Testing i18n with locale change - JJ to follow up with Derrick Rono re. running Cyprus against Web App distro for end-to-end workflow testing
  7.  Misc
    1. Bug fixes
    2. I18n Blocker: Unable to get Home Page translations working; Patient Registration (being discussed on ESM Brandon Istenes → assign to Florian Rappl )
    3. Blocker: Can't submit pt registration form MF-244 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Romain Buisson to investigate (possible to use REST web services API; if fix is going to be delayed we can switch over to REST)


  1. Testing
    1. Environments: Staging vs Demo Prod?
    2. Automated tests in staging/integration (right now mostly unit tests)
    3. Outline of what's expected on phone, what's not
  2. Whitelabelling (via overwriting style guide)
  3. Login & Location Page 
    1. Improvements to Location Choosing
    2. Generalize location module so it can be used elsewhere



  • Grace Potma - Product Direction
  • Dave - BA - 10% (4-5hrs/wk)
  • Pilar - PM - 30-50% 
  • JJ - PM/prs - 50% (vacation week 2)
  • (Tw) Helena - BA - trying to find replacement for Lucus


  • (P) Brandon - vacation for first week; 15% (for prs, discussion)
  • (A) Donald - 80%
  • (A) Dennis - 60%
  • (A) Bett - 50% (back-end)
  • (A) Derek - not available
  • (Tw) Nick - 5hrs/wk (30-50%); may reduce July
  • Ian Bacher - backend as-needed - 10%
  • Florian Rapplvacation 4+ weeks starting week 2 Thurs.
  • Romain Buisson - devops - Distribution management - 5-6 hrs/wk
  • Ivange Larry - 100%


  • Ampath QA Team - 50% (4 person team)

Nicholas Hill Lucas Kummer  - Patient Registration module 

Mike Seaton+Romain Buisson 

Pilar Rubio - Product & project support

@mfsquad in slack

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