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Primary mentor

Backup mentor

 Wyclif Luyima

Assigned to

 Suthagar Kailayapathy


Some implementations want to register users and patients in certain locations. Then access those based on the location that some one has logged in. That way, if some one is logged in a certain location, they should see only those encounters, observations, and patients registered in that location. But the System Developer account should be able to see patients in all locations.


  • Good Java and JavaScript skills
  • Soft skills to interact with the community in order to gather requirements and technical feedback

Skills Needed

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MySQL


  • Assign users to locations on registration
  • Assign patients to locations on registration
  • During encounter, observation, and patient searches, return only those in the logged in location
  • Ability to move patients from one location to another by an administrator
  • Ability to assign locations to already existing patients
  • Ability to assign locations to already existing users 
  • Login screen should not require users to select locations because on login, you know the location in which a user belongs.

Extra Credit

  • When reports and other tools are run by a user in a certain location, they should include only those patients registered in the logged in location
  • REST calls while in a certain location should return only those results in the logged in location

Status - Completed Phase - I

Initial phase of this project completed during the Google Summer of code 2018 period, and released version 0.1.1 for the end users. 


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  1. Could this page be updated to show current status and links to code?