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Note: All tickets should be labelled "kenyaemr"

Participants: Keziah Muiruri, Lousa Yogo, Kote Cosmas, Grace Potma, Eric Achillah


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Functionality in KenyaEMR:

ThemeFeatureCurrent State in KenyaEMRFuture State (with 3.x)StatusPriorityNotes/Comments
HomeHome page


Able to see more info about client and do actions on the client even from the search list (smile) 


Use as is

SearchSearch - using phone number
Feature request



This depends on metadata configuration
SearchSearch auto-completeAuto-searches as you type

Bug: Search doesn't auto-run as you type


Complete search still works
SearchSearch - actions bug

Bug: Clicking on Add past visit not working

RegistrationRegistration fields

  • Sex - drop 'Other' option
  • Date of birth -  Auto calculate the estimated date of birth from estimated years
  • Ability to record multiple identifiers e.g. Patient Clinic number, National ID number etc.
  • Include
    • Next of Kin
    • marital status
    • Occupation (Comprehensive list)
    • Education level
    • Guardian (For children under 18 years)
  • Ability to edit the relationship feature independently
  • Deceased status
  • Date of death



RegistrationAddress hierarchy

just for Country, Sub-County, Ward



Various addresses in KenyaEMR to be included

Blocker Bug: Can't successfully register new patient

RegistrationEstimated age should auto-populate the estimated DOB

Expect DOB to populate basted on 

RegistrationAbility to add multiple ID Numbers

RegistrationNext of Kin (like Contact person)

Different than adding a relationship

RegistrationCombine Relationship & Next of KinNice to have in near future: Contact/phone number & Address of someone who is BOTH a "Relationship" and a "Next of Kin/Contact" (so that not duplicating doing both Relationship and NoK information)

RegistrationRelationships list

Patient Chart

Role Based Dashboards

Clerical Dashboard?

 & different dashboard for Triage nurse vs clinician

e.g. Triage:

e.g. Clinician: (it's only the available forms and completed forms that are different between Triage nurse and Clinician - only forms applicable for Triage nurse will be seen by triage)

Also forms shown depend on programs pt enrolled in (e.g. MCH, TB, etc)

Patient ChartOverview

Check-inCheck in to visit(Same as starting a visit)

TriageVitals: Form

Using Triage app

Captures Reason for visit

Configure: Add LMP

Label change : From 'Biometric' to 'Other recordings'



TriageVitals: Recent. See recent vitals beside Current

(Should see Date last taken as well as the recent measurements)

TriageCheck Alerts (aka Clinical Decision features) - gives quick glance of key things (e.g. on ART) or for info that needs to be ready before patient sees clinician (e.g. get VL result)

See client is due for VL test - either they haven't had it or it hasn't been entered. 

Include Clinical decision support features



Clinician VisitSee Vital Signs as part of form workflow

Clinician themselves can also take new measurements (the "Recent" shows what was done at the desk)

This enables the clinician to double check the result if they are concerned about the result or they want to verify it. 

Patient Chart

Patient Chart (Overview) is separate from Triage & Clinician dashboard

Already brought together - can quickly toggle to summary. Don't have to open separate chart (smile) 


Patient HomepageEnroll

Based on what patient qualifies for (e.g. 34yo wouldn't see pediatric options) - all sites have the same options; options are based on client

Program EnrollmentProgram Enrollment form

Trigger form based on which program you want them enrolled into

Program EnrollmentForm Builder need

Form changes based on type of transfer (e.g. Transfer In vs Transit)

Program EnrollmentForm Builder need

Some sites need auto generator and ability to add multiple ID numbers

Program EnrollmentForm Builder need

Autopopulate facility name

Program EnrollmentForm Builder need

Would be nice to auto-populate this (just an idea from Grace)

Clinical EncounterClinical Encounter Form

Pick a form

Clinical EncounterEncounter Form

Clinical EncounterForm Builder need

Form options change based on radio selection

Clinical EncounterForm Builder need

Whole sections open or hide based on radio selection (in this case having a "Yes" in the TB screening questions opened an "Action Taken" section)

Clinical EncounterForm Builder need

Opens Modal with IPT form so you can do it right there

Component Forms in Ampath Forms

(But does it update in the forms you're using it in? Eric Achillah to confirm)

Clinical EncounterForm Builder need

Complete a required field/question using a related but separate checkbox

Clinical EncounterForm Builder need

Table style form entry

Form Builder need


Error message blocks submission if incomplete; which area is incomplete

Ability to collapse incomplete form and come back to it (user request)

Next Time: Start on ART

Link to Jira Issues for Gaps

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

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