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The purpose of this document is to provide a list of guidelines on how to install the module for use.


  1. The CDA Generator module can be installed on OpenMRS 1.9.0 or higher.
  2. OpenMRS MVP-CIELConcept Dictionary or equivalent.
  3. jar files (emf ecore and emf commons)

How to Install module

We are working on updating the OpenMRS MVP-CIEL Concept Dictionary  with LOINC Code, SNOMED Code and new concepts which CDA Generator Module needs. So, until we have updated Concept Dictionary you can use the database copy of my work here, which contains all LOINC mappings,SNOMED Mappings ,new Concepts ,Patients and Observations.

Alternatively, you may use any other concept dictionary, provided that they have the required LOINC / SNOMED concept mappings specified via IHE value sets.


Step by step Installation process

  1. Download the database copy from above link which contains a sql file.
  2. Create a new schema and run the downloaded sql file.
  3. Now start OpenMRS installation process and choose 'Advance' option.
  4. Choose newly created schema as database and wait till installation ends successfully.
  5. After this download the two jar files from link above.
  6. Deploy or add these jars files manually in your run server run time environment for eg:If you are using Tomcat add these jars to 'lib' folder of your tomcat server.
  7. Download the omod file from here
  8. Now go to the Administrator Page and then Click on Manage Module.
  9. Then Click on the Add or Upgrade Module button , after that a popup will appear , click the browse button then select the omod file that you downloaded and then click on upload button.
  10. After this wait for sometime  until the message "Module loaded and started successfully" comes which means Module is Installed.
  11. CDA Generator Module uses implementation Id , so please set a implementation Id.

Video Walk through for the Installation of CDA Generator Module








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