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This wiki page is intended to outline initial proposed timeline for In-page localization tool project.




3 weeks before 
official begin

  1. Do work on wiki pages to reveal architectural plan and ideas in convenient and widely available way.
  2. Discuss project design with commiunity and have all requirements completely clarified and formally written.
  3. Do some work on preparing project codebase (move custommessages project onto maven platform, etc).

1st - 2nd weeks of

  1. Write code for component that will allow for text inside of Spring JSP spring message tag.
  2. Do "smoke" testing of received functionality.

3rd - 4th weeks of 

  1. Do synchronization of new openmrs:message tags values content with files (tasks #2 and #3 from general project design pages).
  2. Review all pages to find out any regressions related to completed synchronization.

5th - 6th weeks of

  1. Write code of classes for DWR translation service, make appropriate changes within module.
  2. Do unit testing of received functionality.

7th - 8th weeks of 

  1. Prepare javascript bookmarklet which uses created DWR translation services and integrate it into web application.
  2. Implement very basic version of client side web widgets (only translation fetching and saving through widgets, without have widgets well-styled, good positioned, etc)
  3. Prepare project for midterm evaluations.

9th - 10th weeks of

  1. Complete work on widgets web design.
  2. Implement translation export to file functionality.

11th - 12th weeks of

  1. Rigorous testing of all received functionality. 
  2. Exception handling, bug removal.
  3. Complete project documentation.

13th - 14th weeks of

A buffer of two weeks has been kept for any unpredictable delay.

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