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OpenMRS is building a new application and user interface from scratch, which will let us do rapid prototyping and rapid delivery of features, in a way not previously possible.

We have built the beginnings of a living style guide, and a few common reusable fragments, to allow distributed OpenMRS developers with highly-varying skill levels with front-end technologies to build consistent, high-quality user experiences. But we need more fragments, and we need to further develop the style guide!

The ideal candidate to work on this project can write quality JavaScript and semantic CSS and HTML code, some knowledge about User Experience and Visual Design is also welcome.

Project Champions



  • Create semantic HTML code examples and apply that to UI framework
  • Common Javascript plugins
  • More components to the SASS framework
  • Create and apply a responsive/fluid grid system
  • HTML/CSS code practices/standards
  • Create demo/editable theme for online style guide website. In this demo you would be able to change and apply new color/fonts/icons.

Extra Credit