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About the module:

The main aim of this module is to provide interoperability between different health systems. Here every time a new patient is created in OpenMRS, a PAM and PIX i.e HL7 message is sent to the end point.

Below steps describe how to use this module:

Step 1: Install the module , upload the .omod file using Admin--->"Manage Module"

Step 2: Here you can configure whether the user wishes to send both pam and pix message, either or none. Also the host and port details can also be set here, i.e. where the message is to be sent.

Step 3: Once the configuration is set, you can go to create patient in OpenMRS and create a new patient. As the new patient is created, the pam/pix message will be automatically sent, as per the set configurations.

You can also watch a demo about how to use the module,



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